Whale invests $100k in Green Bitcoin: Is this the next crypto to explode?

Investors are showing massive interest in Green Bitcoin. After a recent $100k investment by a whale, the project started trending on the list of the best cryptos to buy.

And that is for a reason. This next crypto to explode combines Bitcoin and Ethereum’s features in the best possible way, bringing a unique way to earn rewards. Thanks to its eco-efficiency and a terrific rewards system, Green Bitcoin has bright price predictions and a long-term, great future.

Analysts believe Green Bitcoin will increase massively after the listings. And if you want to be among the first to earn massive ROI from your investment, don’t wait. Buy Green Bitcoin now.

Green Bitcoin is the best Bitcoin alternative in 2024

Thanks to its combination of Bitcoin’s legacy and Ethereum’s eco-efficiency, Bitcoin has been trending since its release. The project was also listed as the best crypto presale & upcoming ICO in 2024. This next crypto to explode has so far raised over $6.5 million in funding and is rallying toward the next presale stage. Less than $1 million should be collected for Green Bitcoin to enter the upcoming presale stage.

Green Bitcoin introduces the revolutionary Predict 2 Earn system where investors predict $BTC price to earn rewards. Investors earn rewards based on the $BTC price movement. You can place your prediction once in a 24-hour cycle. If you predict the price, you earn a proportionate share of the daily staking reward pool. You claim your rewards after each cycle.

You can also stake your coins and earn an APY of 90%. Further, you also receive an up to 100% token bonus and rewards for holding your $GBTC coins for a longer time. You earn 5%, 10%, or 15% if you keep your coins weekly, monthly, or for six months.

Forecasts say the Green Bitcoin presale could quickly grow 10x because it will coincide with Bitcoin halving. Newsbtc claims Green Bitcoin could explode post-listing, putting it in the sky on the list of coins you should own.

Green BTC

An additional reason to invest is that Green Bitcoin is a green crypto. This is a 10,000 times more eco-friendlier version than the original Bitcoin because of the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism. So, not only do you capitalize on Bitcoin price changes, but you also receive better features than with Bitcoin. This means you also make a substantial impact on sustainability.

So, if you want to invest, hurry and get $GBTC before the upcoming price increase. The project is selling out fast, so you should hurry!

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Green Bitcoin price prediction 2024 – 2030

The brightest Green Bitcoin price predictions say $GBTC could hit $7 at the most in 2024. The crucial factor, in this case, will be Bitcoin halving, an event that should push the whole crypto market up.


Potential Low Average Price

Potential High













In 2025, the crypto market should increase by more than 5x than its current levels. As more money enters the business, projects like Green Bitcoin will use that as an opportunity to expand their businesses. The main advantage of Green Bitcoin will be a high APY.

Green Bitcoin could become among the best altcoins by the decade’s end. Analytics expect $GBTC could go past $50k by 2030.

The main factors of Green Bitcoin’s price rise in the future will be:-

  • Tokenomics and supply
  • Market and competition
  • Community and adoption
  • Roadmap and future system developments
  • External factors on the market

Why should you invest in Green Bitcoin?

  • You invest in a greener and cheaper Bitcoin alternative
  • You earn ROI with every $BTC price change, positive or negative
  • You earn an APY and up to a 100% token bonus.

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Final thoughts. Why is Green Bitcoin the next crypto to explode?

Thanks to its unique model, Green Bitcoin allows investors to earn while also taking care of the planet. The Predict 2 Earn system lets them predict Bitcoin price, which means investors could earn with every BTC price change.

Green Bitcoin could definitely be the next crypto to explode, especially after the upcoming Bitcoin halving. The event should take the $BTC price to the moon, and Green Bitcoin investors could profit massively.


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