What Are the Different Methods of Developing a Bitcoin Wallet App?

Introduction to the Bitcoin wallet

The Bitcoin wallet is the storage space of Bitcoin. It is a software application that stores the private and public keys which can be used for receiving and spending the Bitcoin and for tracking the ownership of Bitcoin. For trading and investment in Bitcoin, the user has to possess a Bitcoin wallet. You can either sign up with popular Bitcoin wallets or develop a Bitcoin wallet app all on your own. Read on to find out more about the development of the Bitcoin wallet app, and register with the-bitcoinevolution-app.com to start trading in Bitcoin.

What is a Bitcoin wallet app?

A Bitcoin wallet app is an application form of the Bitcoin wallet that serves the following purposes:

  • The Bitcoin wallet app possesses the private keys for the user’s Bitcoin
  • The app helps in the execution of Bitcoin transactions for receiving and transferring Bitcoin
  • The software of the Bitcoin wallet app permits the checking of the data about the user’s cryptocurrency balance.

The functioning of the Bitcoin wallet app varies between devices and the operating system it works on.

How to create a Bitcoin wallet app?

You can adopt any of the following methods to develop the Bitcoin wallet app:

  1. Creation of Bitcoin wallet app with the help of software libraries

Developers can use free software tools and libraries to create the Bitcoin wallet app. The most popular libraries that can sync the wallet app with the Bitcoin transaction are enlisted below:

Coinbase Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Java library, SDK, allows the users to create a cryptocurrency wallet that supports excellent transaction management and ensures smooth crypto payments. Coinbase SDK supports the creation of Bitcoin wallet apps for Android and iOS.

BitcoinJ SDK

The cross-platform library, BitcoinJ SDK, can be used with JVM-compatible languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and C++. It allows the development of the Bitcoin wallet app with password encryption and permits the testing of the app on the official Bitcoin testing network.

  1. Blockchain wallet API

One can develop a flawless Bitcoin wallet app by using the application programming interface of Blockchain Luxemburg Ltd. The Bitcoin wallet developed with Blockchain wallet API can conduct transactions, enable users to transfer Bitcoin to several recipients simultaneously, check the balance, generate new Bitcoin addresses, and more.

The developed Bitcoin wallet app can be run on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS. The app also supports programming languages like Ruby, Python, and Java.

  1. Development of the Bitcoin wallet app from scratch

The creation of a Bitcoin wallet from scratch is a difficult task. It requires topnotch programming knowledge and skills, and an extensive team of designers, app developers, and QA experts. The team has to begin with initial Blockchain downloading and then start with the program, Bitcoind, for the implementation of the Bitcoin protocol over the remote procedure calls using the RPC of Bitcoin Core. The developers then need to add the Bitcoin wallet on top of the RPC. They can also use Bitcoin Knots to create the Bitcoin wallet app.

  1. Select the cloud platform

It is necessary to select the right cloud platform for the creation of mobile and web-based Bitcoin wallet apps. Experts recommend the cloud platform of AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which is highly advantageous. The AWS controls the networking, run-time environment, middleware, operating system, and the cloud infrastructure. This cloud platform has excellent auto-scaling and DevOps solutions as well.

  1. Utilize the appropriate technology stack 

The recommended programming languages are Node.js and Java or Kotlin, and Swift or Objective-C. Node.js is suitable for the creation of scalable Bitcoin wallet apps. Use Java to make the Bitcoin wallet app compatible with Android. Swift is for the development of Bitcoin wallet apps to be operated on iOS.

How to protect your cryptocurrency wallet?

A crypto wallet is a place where you can securely store or transfer your crypto and choose the best cryptocurrency wallet to store your cryptocurrencies. Although, find more details on crypto wallet to know about it in detail and tips to explore it like a pro.

Enlisted below are a few ways of protecting the cryptocurrency wallet:

  • Store the private key offline.
  • Use a highly secure internet connection
  • Protect the wallet with a strong and intricate password
  • Use two-factor authentication


Your brain cells must be quivering with excitement at the thought of developing a Bitcoin wallet app all on your own. Well, although it’s easier said than done, it is not an insurmountable task at all. Adopt any of the approaches mentioned here, and develop a smooth, high-powered, and excellent Bitcoin wallet app.

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