Does Your Investment Portfolio contain Crypto Currency

Today people always find various ways to invest and maintain their portfolio to earn long term capital and to secure their retirement. For retirement planning, it is advisable to analyze how and which assets you allocate in your portfolio. It seems a daunting task because most of people put their hard earned money in various assets classes. The buzz word crypto currency is new one to those who are not trader.

Besides trading in crypto currency, one can use this digital currency in a variety of purpose like, transferring money, certain business transactions through the block chain technology.

Steps involved to understand the perspective as follows :-

– How to utilize the block chain technology
– How fast a consumer can adopt and apply it
– What are the key benefits – short term and long term involved
– How to invest in Initial Coin Offering (a new buzz word for most people)
– How the funds raised through ICO will resolve the problem

The aforesaid factors help you understand the perspective bettter. To begin with the process, one will require to visit the web link of the company that comes with ICO. It is advisable to see the team of people leading ICO, and what is in the offering. It is advisable to read whitepaper to understand the business model.

How to start investing in Crypto Currency

The available online exchanges and platforms assist one to buy and trade various crypto currency through platforms like, Bitfinex, Binance, Huobi, bitFlyer, Upbit, among others. Crypto currency market is so decentralized that no central bank in the world can interfere nor does hacker manipulate it. Crypto currency trading can be profitable to the extent that how you invest with it. Besides Bitcoin, other crypto currencies that are available in the market representing viable income source so long as you trade them with care. In order to initiate trade with crypto currency, you will require a secured platform. Because it is not fiat currency transactions where financial institutions available.

The first thing you need to do is to sign up and confirm your account through email on exchange. With this, 2 way authentication and verification will be required to select a trust worthy exchange. After completing signing up process, you will require to transfer funds in to the exchange you have selected. There are various options like, wire transfer available on exchange web site. You will be provide to which account or address where you can transfer the funds . To begin trading, you will need to analyze your desired market in which you want to perform trade. After identifying the desired market you can start buying and selling process agreeing with the best price available in the market. For example, if there are enough tokens available at your desired price, you can order to buy it at once, otherwise someone else will pursue that order at that price.

Let me tell you that crypto currencies are volatile and traded 24/7. Having said that they constant awake and never slept. Those who want to trade crypto currency, are advisable to get themselves updated with the latest news on crypto currency.

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