What Is Callisto Cryptocurrency? A brief Introduction

The Ethereum commonwealth owns Callisto Cryptocurrency. It strives to provide the sources of the self-sustained and self-organized ecosystem of the blockchain, by providing enhanced security of the crypto verse. This is achieved by improving the deployment and development of smart contracts. Besides, Callisto cryptocurrency executes experimental protocols by using core features employed previously for the smart contracts and protocol level configurations. The Callisto network also has the power to implement major platform features with the help of belt in mechanisms in order to standardize protocol.

Overview Of The Platform

Callisto cryptocurrency is an open source platform which is also decentralized. It is the source code of Go Etherium. The platform has its own cryptocurrency known as the CLO. It has the power to govern internal transactions.

One of the objectives of the Callisto cryptocurrency is to provide streamlined development of blockchain protocols. This is achieved through a safe and sharing-friendly environment.

The ecosystem is equipped with an Official Smart contract-auditing module. It gives the professional developers, a chance to check their smart contracts.

Key Features

Callisto Network builds a standard protocol, which allows the improvement of smart contracts. The platform supports the audit of these contracts, which is an expensive process.

  • Callisto Network has enough capabilities that its developers look to develop a free smart contract auditing system.
  • Each smart audit that gets validated by its audit is subject to official acceptance. In case of the ones that stay un-audited, they remain so by default.
  • All are allowed to file requests for audit. This task is undertaken without a fee.
  • Reimbursements to smart contract auditors are passed through CLO coins provided from the Callisto Network treasury fund.
  • Any request for CLO and ETC smart contract will be accepted for free.
How It Works

The Callisto ecosystem is managed by two chief members- Managers and auditors

The manager’s main task is to supervise and control the work of the auditors. The auditor meanwhile has the task of reviewing the codes of a smart contract. They also have the task of giving a report with an in-depth analysis of every contract

The auditors are rewarded according to the merit of the report. For instance, it receives a certain amount of positive ‘karma’ for a good report. In contrast, they are assigned a penalty for a negative report. These factors add up, and the final statistics add up to determine their overall results. Note that both auditors, as well as managers, are paid by the treasury of Callisto cryptocurrency. This payment process does not involve any intermediate carriers. As for the auditing process, the transactions are checked through GitHub so that a high level of transparency is ensured throughout all the deals.

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