When Can You Use Crypto Losses as an Offset?

If you own crypto, you can assert any crypto losses during your crypto trading on taxes to offset your capital gains. It is essential to claim a crypto capital loss for various reasons. The article will explain why you must deal with your crypto taxes, even when you face losses.

Why is claiming crypto losses important?

It would be best if you did it because it is legally required to report all crypto sales since crypto is considered property.

The second reason is that the crypto tax capital loss can be used to offset capital gains, including future capital gains, when applicable.

The guide is designed to clearly understand the crypto tax offset benefits when you make losses trading crypto.

Are Crypto Losses Tax Deductible?

When applying for tax returns, you have several choices if you experience losses. The crypto losses may offset other capital gains, or you might be able to carry them forward where they can be used to offset gains in crypto and capital gains.

Some jurisdictions have a limit on the amount you can deduct for the losses. However, no matter the limit, you might be able to carry losses the next year and deduct them to offset gains. Capital losses can only be deducted if you have overall losses in all your assets. That means that if you have losses in crypto but capital gains in other assets, you cannot deduct the losses. 

How to Calculate Crypto Losses?

The easiest way to calculate your crypto losses for tax purposes is using a Crypto Tax Calculator. To understand your losses, use the calculator to get the exact figure by feeding it with the required data. 

When you register a net loss in your crypto, you can include losses to any gain you have made in other capital assets, such as stocks. If you experience net losses in all capital assets, you can carry the capital losses forward to future years.

With an online tax calculator, these losses and gains will automatically be calculated.

 Crypto Theft and Losses

If your wallet is hacked and your crypto is stolen, you fall victim to a scam, or an exchange shuts down without warning, you might wonder what that means for your taxes.

How to Write Off Lost Crypto

If you lose crypto in a manner that was out of your hands, such as a loss at a crypto exchange or a hack of your wallet, you can claim the crypto losses. In the US, the law was changed in 2018, which means that most loss claims were no longer allowed. Losses can now only be declared as part of a federally declared disaster.

Whether you can claim lost coins, it is vital to register the tokens as stolen. It is essential to ensure that you come up with accurate figures during calculations. Most online calculators will allow you to enter the stolen coins manually.

How to File Crypto Losses

For US citizens, reporting crypto losses is done via Form 8949 and 1040 Schedule D. If you are unsure how to file your crypto taxes, always talk to an expert or contact the tax authority’s site. They will have useful and updated guides on how to do it. Understanding the 1040 Schedule D in the US is essential since it is the main form of handling capital losses. 

You will deduct the loss from your income if you only have crypto as your capital asset. However, if you have other capital assets, you will add the losses to other capital gains or losses you made.

The Consequences of Failing to File Crypto Losses on Tax Returns

Various tax authorities work closely with crypto exchanges to track crypto tax evaders. However, the information that tax authorities are usually not complete. As a result, it is up to you to keep accurate records. If you do not make updated filings with exact details, the tax agency might send you a letter for capital gains taxes you have not paid.  

Due to how often you move crypto, only you have an accurate record backed by evidence regarding your activities in the crypto market. Filing your capital losses helps avoid confusion, which can sometimes take months to resolve and land you in legal trouble.

Claiming a Loss for Crypto Held at a Loss

If you want to claim a loss, you have to make a taxable event using the asset. It means you have to trade the crypto for fiat or another crypto. Besides that, you could spend it. You cannot claim a capital loss if you do not do that.


 An online tax service will usually notify you of unsold assets before the year ends. It ensures that if you took part in an ICO and got some coins, which have since lost their value, you could sell them to claim the loss and lower your tax liability.

Get started on filing Crypto Taxes.

Filing crypto taxes is quite easy if you have the assistance of a professional online tool or a tax expert. If you are unsure of anything, do not hesitate to check out the FAQ section of your tax agency’s site. Besides that, you can call them and ask for clarification.

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