LADYS rapidly crashing. Is this why utility-dense tokens are solid alternatives?

What started as a good run for Milady in the market has now ended. Analysts who have been tracking market data have noticed that meme coin has been declining steadily and is no longer maintaining its momentum. As a result, many Milady holders are switching to another meme coin which has been showing steady presale growth. DigiToads is the new market favorite, and it has been making headlines with its utility-driven economic framework that can help people multiply their passive incomes. Many experts have called it one of the best altcoins for 2023 because of its higher growth potential.

DigiToads: A top crypto to invest in

DigiToads is a cryptocurrency that combines the utility of a meme token, a Web 3.0 platform, and a staking portal. So, you can earn passive income by staking NFTs, trading tokens, participating in trading competitions, winning giveaways, and winning crypto tokens in play-to-earn games. Its native token, TOADS, is built on the ERC-20 protocol and is the medium of exchange on the network. It’s currently available on presale, and the latest ico has raked in more than $4.7 million in presale funding so far.

The DigiToads team announced its 10-stage presale process a few months ago, and since then, interested buyers have been lining up to get their hands on the TOADS token. The past six stages of the cryptocurrency ico have been mega successes, and analysts feel that the remaining four stages will likely follow suit. 

Talking about DigiToads most popular feature – its Web 3.0 game. The game has been designed to keep players hooked, and its exciting storyline doesn’t disappoint. What’s more, is that there’s not just one winner. Every game season lasts for a month, and the Top 25% scorers are declared winners in every season. These winners are then rewarded with TOADS tokens. To make it to the winning side, players must outperform other players in a Metaverse-based swamp and complete challenges. 

Players can buy or trade digital creatures called DigiToads, which have many strengths and special characteristics to complete these tasks successfully. As every DigiToad will have a different set of unique traits, you never know how well off the competitor is. To offset your competitor’s leverage, you can choose to purchase training equipment, food, and potions for your DigiToad with TOADS tokens.

The DigiToads team will organize monthly trading competitions, which is a great opportunity for beginners to learn about crypto trading. The winner is selected based on the highest trading volume booked by a participant. The winner gets a share of the profits and learns about the basics of treasury management from the DigiToads team. After they become proficient at the task, they will be assisting the team with the task regularly.

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Is Milady heading toward the bearish territory?

Milady is a collection of NFTs inspired by the theme of “beauty, charm, and karma,” and it’s among the new altcoins launched recently. The platform’s native token is LADYS, and it is the main cryptocurrency of the network. Described as a self-organized meme coin, Milady has limited its token generation to 888,000,888,000,888 units and would be diverting 94% of the supply to maintain its liquidity pool. 

Shortly, the platform has planned several initiatives, which include official Milady merchandise, a Milady academy, and listing the LADYS token at leading exchanges. Although developments like Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioning the LADYS token in a tweet and KuCoin adding it to its exchange platform helped the LADYS token price surge, the cryptocurrency is now fading away. Given its recent market performance, analysts suggest the token will likely stay in the bearish zone. 


LADYS and TOADS tokens are packed with features that have often impressed users. However, in the wake of LADYS crashing prices, more users are looking for tokens like the TOADS coin that can support long-term growth. Even cryptocurrency analysts are rooting for the TOADS token because of its cutting-edge economic framework and potential to empower users. Users can take their time to learn all about the various options to earn passive income and hone their skills on DigiToads. They can also turn the opportunity into a regular income stream. 

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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