Why Are Players Switching to Cryptocurrency Gambling?

Gambling is a bourgeoning industry that is encompassing everyone within its fold. The recent years have witnessed an incredible rise in the number of online casinos as well as gamblers. Online casinos are getting bigger, slots and games are getting more immersive, and more punters are piling through the gate. 

Along with the traditional form of casinos, a growing proportion of gamblers are turning to cryptocurrency gambling. The gambling industry has, in fact,  got a total makeover with the advent of cryptocurrency gambling. Click here to know more about crypto gambling.

Casino operators have taken full advantage of this fact and offer customers the opportunity to bank with crypto. Alongside the big players in the market, is a wide array of benefits that are convincing players to switch to online gambling. Some of these benefits include:

Pain-Free Transactions

When it comes to cross-border payments, crypto can be the best choice. Being based on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies ensure smooth, fast, and transparent payments. All payment processes including withdrawals and deposits occur almost instantly with cryptocurrencies. 

Gone are the days when a request for withdrawal was a cumbersome process and you had to wait for days while it passed through several banks before making its way to your wallet. Moreover, the costs incurred are minimal, in sharp contrast with traditional banking methods – particularly when transferring funds to other countries.

Tax Issues

At the moment, most governments aren’t quite sure about the right approach regarding cryptocurrencies; the rules and regulations are also very limited. One big advantage of crypto is that it is usually untaxed. However, owing to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, governments are still not able to decide upon the tax barrier of cryptocurrencies. 


Online gaming is anonymous. All that is required to sign up is an email address, password, and username. Deposit some crypto, and you are all set to start. Anonymity goes hand-in-hand with security as well. As there is no need to register personal details, it means they cannot be hacked. Malicious entities can’t get their hands on things like bank accounts or credit card details.

Fair Games

Choosing a reliable online gambling platform is one of the challenges faced by online gamers. Gamers no longer have blind faith in gambling operators and regulators. While mainstream gambling outlets are, on the whole, trustworthy, Bitcoin games take this concept to the next level. By entering a few values into the operator’s source code, users can check whether that every spin is 100% legit.

Those who want to stick with traditional online casinos could try Bitstarz casino or a site like Rocketpot.io for an exciting Bitcoin crash game. Both offer games that are either fully regulated and licensed, or run on Provably Fair software. 

You can get more information about crypto games site list along with its key factors and tips.

What is the Next Step?

Now that the benefits of cryptocurrency games are crystal clear, what is the next step? Well, getting involved is a lot easier than most people might expect. All that is required is to obtain some crypto, generally, Bitcoin, which can be done with a credit card and stored safely by the exchange. Then, it’s time for some internet deep diving to find the best Bitcoin games to spend it on. Happy crypto gaming!

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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