The Bitcoin Spark advantage: Why it’s the next big thing after Ethereum and Polkadot

In modern technology, blockchain has impacted financial technology with the inauguration of digital currencies such as Ethereum and Polkadot. Ethereum has gained traction with its scalable solution, making investors put their money into the project. Polkadot, on the other hand, has increased the traction rate with its improved interoperable systems. 

Users can thus transfer data from one blockchain to the other. However, blockchain technology boasts of a new developing platform, Bitcoin Spark. The new network will improve the ability of interoperability, scalability, and security with its new validation mechanism called proof-of-process.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that allows blockchain participants to create applications. The most preferable language for generating applications on the network is Solidity. The native token for the platform is ETH. ETH acts as a gas token for the ecosystem. ETH also acts as a governance token for the ecosystem. Participants can become a decentralized autonomous organization. DAOs can participate in the voting system, leading to ecosystem changes.

What is Polkadot?

Polkadot is a blockchain platform that enables the transfer of data and assets. The decentralized platform uses a proof-of-stake mechanism, enhancing validators to conduct staking operations. The native currency of the platform is DOT. The platform’s users utilize DOT in conducting transactions. DOT is also used in giving out rewards to participants who actively engage in developing the platform. 

Bitcoin Spark the next big crypto project

In the rapidly evolving financial and technological universe, there is a need for projects that will be sustainable and considered future-oriented. Bitcoin Spark is a new blockchain platform that uses a distributed ledger to offer security to new entrants and crypto natives. The project has been the talk of every digital asset enthusiast as it offers a variety of perks. For instance, there are bonuses for conducting referrals, plus there is zero restriction on earning in this manner. 

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

The new platform has an official application with two main objectives: put proof-of-work into a full utility to reduce power loss and distribute rewards in a non-linear manner without considering the computational power of the device utilized. 

The new network utilizes proof-of-process, which combines Bitcoin’s proof-of-work and Ethereum’s proof-of-stake in renting processing power to organizations and individuals needing it. The platform functions so that no data is stored outside the RAM, but only the device’s processing power is used. 

Bitcoin Spark’s team will create an easy-to-use platform compatible with Mac, iOS, OS, Android, Windows, and Linux. In addition, the software will be self-sustainable as it can adjust the amount of utilized processing power, hence accounting for battery, overheating, or any other requirements. 

The application will also be considered as the official wallet of the network. The wallet will support BTCS, the native token, and other decentralized platforms such as Polkadot and Ethereum. Other EVM wallets, such as Metamask, will not be compatible with the network; therefore, participants who want to hold the native token via these platforms must acquire wrapped BTCS from the Ethereum network.

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