Cardano’s rival in spotlight: Why Bitcoin Spark is the next big thing in crypto

As the world embraces technological innovation, the crypto market is taking over a myriad of the financial community. Banks and venture capital firms know the worth of the digital currency ecosystem. Cardano is among the virtual currencies that surged in 2021. Nonetheless, Bitcoin Spark is the new project that aims to take over the industry. The crypto startup has pertinent mechanisms that retail and large-scale investors can’t afford to miss out on.

Is Cardano a good investment?

The statements and queries about the smart contracting platform Cardano have been rampant in social media spaces, such as Elon’s platform X. Cardano came into the limelight in 2015. Since then, it has grown as participants join the ecosystem. Cardanio’s surge is expected to happen during the imminent bull run. 

Bitcoin Spark will  take over Cardano

In the decentralized community, several projects, such as NFTs and new altcoins, have created immense waves through financial technology. However, Bitcoin Spark is the latest crypto project to enhance efficiency, trust, and transparency with virtual currency enthusiasts. 

In its initial stages, the platform has already garnered many online retail entrepreneurs and whales who have invested their capital. Typically, a decentralized contract must be audited to enhance transparency and accountability. Therefore, Bitcoin Spark’s KYC (Know your customer) for the founders and smart contracts have been audited by Cognitos and Vital Block.

Bitcoin Spark App

The platform has unique marketing mechanisms that will take over the traditional promotion skills that other digital projects utilize. The method is hence referred to as innovative disruption. The strategy involves integrating new and effective marketing mechanisms such as storytelling tactics, strategic positioning, and leveraging the current technology for deeper audience outreach and comprehension. 

In addition, the promotion will also include social media engagement,  marketing content, collaborating with social media crypto influencers, and community building. Furthermore, to attract many blockchain participants, the project has a well-structured and organized roadmap detailing the ICO commencement to the launching period scheduled for 30th November.

For a cryptocurrency project, there should be an impeccable mechanism that will improve security and enable easier transactions within the community. In this case, Bitcoin Spark has an eccentric consensus validation mechanism known as the proof-of-process, which amalgamates proof-of-work and proof-of-stake to facilitate validation and mining processes that run the Bitcoin Spark network. 

Validators are rewarded for generating new blocks in the ecosystem with the platform’s native token, BTCS. The validation process improves security and transparency within the Bitcoin Spark’s section. In addition, a smart contracting layer embedded within the platform’s ecosystem enables programmers and developers in blockchain technology to develop decentralized applications using various EVM-compatible programming languages. Examples of languages that can be utilized are Vyper, Solidity, and any other complex EVM bytecode-compatible language.

Bottom line

Crypto enthusiasts should stop being adamant while looking at upcoming projects. These projects have already made significant profits for the early investors. Take a look at Cardano, a project that commenced in 2015 and is now among the top digital assets. Those who joined the platform at its initial stages have had immense capital gains over time. Now, the new digital platform called Bitcoin Spark will take over blockchain society in the blink of an eye. Get ready to generate massive income.

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