The inevitable crypto shakedown begins: Why is DigiToads super resilient?

There has been a lot of talk about crypto shakedown over the past few months. The chatter about a possible shakeout has also made many crypto users tizzy and impacted the prospects of many tokens. However, there is one crypto project that has managed to soldier amidst the frenzy and even clocked record presale growth – DigiToads (TOADS). Powered by Ethereum, DigiToads was launched just a few months ago, and it is already being called one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023. According to analysts, its key draw is its hybrid DeFi model, which allows users to explore multiple avenues for earning residual incomes. 

Why are analysts so excited about DigiToads?

DigiToads is among the best cryptocurrencies to buy in today’s market. With a DeFi model that sports the features of three different tokens, it’s difficult to find a crypto project that matches its potential. So, be it staking, trading tokens, winning tokens in play-to-earn games, participating in trading competitions, or even in prize draws, DigiToads is the one place to explore all these opportunities. The platform has a native token called TOADS. From staking to buying in-game assets to paying taxes, you need the TOADS token or any kind of transactional purpose you encounter on the network. It’s built on the ERC-20 token of the Ethereum network.

DigiToads has a robust security mechanism that’s audited by leading firms. Plus, it’s backed by the efficiency and smart contracts of the Ethereum network. Another notable feature of DigiToads (TOADS) is its decentralized governance structure, where token holders are given exclusive voting rights to vote for proposals that other community members pitch. 


What does DigiToads have to offer to its users?

DigiToads also has a unique staking mechanism where NFT owners can stake their assets and earn rewards in exchange. These rewards will depend on the duration for which a coin was staked. The longer the duration, the higher the rewards for your staking efforts. To ensure that all staker get their due share, the DigiToads team has created a rewards pool and maintains it by allocating 2% of all TOADS transactions to this pool.

DigiToads play-to-earn game has been luring a lot of gaming enthusiasts with its interesting gameplay and attractive rewards system. With 12 short seasons in a year, the game gives players ample opportunities to hone their skills. At the end of each season, the highest 25% of the scorers are rewarded with TOADS tokens. 

Here’s how you can gain with the TOADS token

The TOADS token has been touching new heights of popularity with its presale success and has landed a spot on every leading analyst’s best cryptocurrency ico lists. With its ninth presale stage closing in, the crypto project has raised over $5.8 million in funding and sold out 95% of the tokens allocated for the presale stage. The total stock of TOADS tokens is 585 million.

What makes the TOADS token unique is its deflationary character, where the coin supply is always kept scarce. This is done to tame price fluctuations and keep the token value stable. The token supply is always kept below the demand level. If the balance is disturbed, all extra tokens are destroyed or burned. The DigiToads (TOADS) team schedules’ token burn’ events where these coins are burned.

An example of how this deflationary mechanism works is the buy-and-sell tax imposed whenever a community purchases or sells the TOADS token. While the lion’s share of the tax proceeds goes towards maintaining the rewards and prize pool and the treasury, a small portion of the tokens collected as tax are also burned. 


If you are worried about what cryptos to buy now, DigiToads is a dependable project that you can choose. For many analysts, it also has the capacity to leave behind several popular altcoins because of its higher growth potential. Using a hybrid DeFi model, the platform offers a wide array of options for anyone looking to earn passive income. Moreover, these opportunities could easily be turned into a steady source of long-term income. Another plus point about the platform is its community-centric focus, where users are incentivized to engage with it actively. Visit the TOADS presale site to find out more about this upcoming cryptocurrency. 

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