Why Kevin Pham Switched to Bitcoin SV?

Once a fan of Bitcoin, and a maximalist of the crypto space, Kevin Pham, is now taking a different turn in its investment perspective. The Bitcoin lover has recently disowned all his Bitcoin possession for the rival coin Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency when we consider the criteria of market capitalization. Bitcoin SV, however, is the original bitcoin. Its full named Bitcoin (Satoshi Vision). Bitcoin SV is the outcome of a hard fork.

It came in November 2018, when Bitcoin Cash got divided into Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. The motto of creating SV is to restore the original idea and perspective of the Bitcoin protocol.

Let us know why this Bitcoin lover switched the party and went to the rival team. Pham thinks that the BTC community is nothing but a group of socialists. This community apparently invites libertarians, but in reality, it is not its real face, Pham believes.

When he let go of his Bitcoin possession and owned Bitcoin SV, the market value of SV went up by 20%. This change in the market value shows that this decision worked in favor of Bitcoin SV. Investors can have a detailed view of how the coin will perform in the future through the Bitcoin SV price prediction till 2025.
Pham was preset for one interview in which he said that he was a nihilist in the initial phase of his life and was against capitalism. His made him become a bitcoin trader. But now the situation is different, and he is now criticizing Bitcoin and favoring Bitcoin SV. He said that many people in the Bitcoin community are obsessed for money and he hated that. On the other hand, the BSV system is open and more democratic in nature.

He said that what attracted him more was that the BSV was available for making actual payments; it was not just a way to get rich. In his Tweet, he has said that “BTC was taken over by socialists” and “BCH was dictatorial.” People reacted to his tweet and confirmed that they have any other anti-socialist group than Bitcoin evangelists ever.

Pham brought to the notice that Bitcoin is trying to be more contemporary, and in this process, it is losing its core.

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