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WienerAI ICO hits $2.5 million – AI-powered meme coin with explosive potential

WienerAI ICO hits $2.5 million - AI-powered meme coin with explosive potential

As the crypto market is going through a recovery phase, meme coins are achieving enormous success. One of the most interesting meme coins at the moment is certainly WienerAI because of its fusion of Blockchain and artificial intelligence. As the crypto market flourishes, this project brings to the market exactly what investors need – humor, transparency, and help- through Al-powered bots. Here is why this project shows potential to reach the stars in the following period!

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WienerAI – Meme coin with potential to ease crypto investing

Meme coins added a new layer to crypto investing by bringing in the humor that was lacking initially. After Dogecoin succeeded in attracting the attention of all the big players among the investors, including Elon Musk, even the investors who had their doubts dropped their fear and embraced this new type of cryptos. Lately, there has been a noticeable effort to bring in the utility investors will love. 

This time, WienerAI embraces artificial technology to enable crypto enthusiasts to get an analysis of the wanted cryptos. This type of analysis will save them time and enable a shorter decision-making process. The only thing that investors should do is ask the WienerAI bot a question. The bot will analyze the market, deliver an objective result, and save investors from regretting the missed opportunities. The fact that there are no fees certainly adds to the allure of this interesting project. 

Besides, the investors will get MEV bot protection. MEV bot is the new software tool that was introduced to monitor the Ethereum Blockchain and all the new transactions to find opportunities that could bring gains but also perform autonomous transactions instead of the users. Despite the initial idea of doing good, there is plenty of room for exploitation and fraud. WienerAI aims to protect its users from such tools and help investors gain an advantage over the competition. If you wish to explore this opportunity, make sure you secure your $WAI tokens in time!

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Details about WienerAI revealed

WienerAI is a groundbreaking project that aims to bring innovative features to the market. Among all the useful features that the investors want to see, one feature is increasingly important—staking. With the generous supply of $WAI tokens, there will be room for staking them to help investors enjoy the passive income stream. 

When it comes to tokenomics, there will be 69 billion tokens in total. While 30% will be made available to the investors during the presale, 20% will be directed towards staking, showing the enormous importance of this feature in this project. The popularity of this project is confirmed through the number of staked tokens, which is now bigger than 2,5 billion so far, and the number keeps rising. 

The remaining half of the supply will be distributed between community rewards (20%), marketing (20%), and DEX/CEX liquidity (10%). The team behind this appealing project aims to build the Sausage Army – the community of loyal $WAI holders. So far, they are succeeding because there are almost 10k followers on X, former Twitter, and more than 6k subscribers on Telegram. 

The project will evolve throughout various stages, and the first one is already ongoing. During the following stage, key opinion leaders will share their views on this project, reaching a wider audience. In the final stage, the token will be listed, and the investors will get a chance to enjoy all the benefits that the WienerAI bot offers. Looking at the crypto market these last few days, it is obvious that things are exhilarating, which means that investors could greatly benefit from this project in numerous ways. 

The presale initiated recently has already been a huge success, having recently hit the $2.5 million milestone. It seems that $WAI could be listed on the exchanges earlier than expected, so if you wish to make the most of the upcoming bull run, join early $WAI investors before it’s too late!

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Meme coins have huge growth potential, and their place on the market is secure according to the current demand. Among so many of them, WienerAI shows the potential to offer something new to investors and help them profit from all its features. Since it is expected that Al will continue evolving, investing in WienerAI is your chance to be among the early adopters and to upgrade your investment strategy in time.

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