CorgiAI up by 90% in 48 hours – New AI-powered dog-themed project with similar potential

Dog-themed meme coins have been ruling the scene for a while now. CorgiAl’s price has increased by an incredible 90% in the last 48 hours, showing that this is a favorable investment period. Meanwhile, WienerAl ($WAI) is a new Al-powered meme coin with a dog theme, but this time, it embraces a small Wiener dog, enabling investors a chance to create a better investing strategy while having fun. Here is what investors can expect from these two cryptos!

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WienerAl Offers Investors Advantage Over Competition

After many meme coins played only on the humor card, the new meme coin contenders offer plenty of useful features that the investors want to see. WienerAl combines artificial intelligence with blockchain to provide investors with a competitive advantage. 

This crypto can bring immeasurable benefits to investors by giving them an opportunity to ask WienerAl bot a question regarding the potential investments that they want to implement. The answer they will get will be objective and realistic because this bot will analyze the market thoroughly and give a result that can be the perfect guide for investors. 

Additionally, investors will benefit from MEV bot protection. MEV bots are new software tools designed to monitor the Ethereum blockchain and identify lucrative opportunities. They can autonomously execute transactions on behalf of users. Despite their original intent to provide positive outcomes, these bots are prone to exploitation and fraud. 

WienerAl is committed to safeguarding its users from such risks and ensuring investors have a competitive edge. To explore this opportunity, be sure to secure your $WAI tokens promptly! 

Unveiling the Details of WienerAl Investors Should Know

WienerAl is an innovative crypto project that is committed to benefiting investors in multiple ways. Besides the previously mentioned advantages, staking is also one of the most appreciated features among investors because it is the perfect chance to create a passive income stream. 

Out of 69 billion tokens, 30% is allocated to the ongoing presale. Meanwhile, 20% is directed towards staking, and judging by the number of staked tokens, which is now bigger than 2,7 billion, investors have already recognized the importance of this project and its growth potential.

Half of the remaining supply will be allocated to community rewards (20%), marketing (20%), and DEX/CEX liquidity (10%). The team behind this promising project is focused on building the Sausage Army, a community of loyal $WAI holders. Their efforts are paying off, with nearly 10,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) and over 6,000 subscribers on Telegram.

The project will unfold through several stages, with the first stage already in progress. The next goal is reaching a broader audience, which will easily expand through the support of influential people in the crypto sphere. The final stage will see the token listed, allowing investors to enjoy all the benefits the WienerAl bot offers. 

The recent trends in the crypto market suggest an exhilarating period ahead, potentially offering substantial benefits to investors in this project. The recently launched presale has been a major success, raising more than $2.7 million so far. It progresses quickly, showing that this is the perfect time to join! 

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CorgiAl Price Prediction for 2024 

Corgi AI (CORGIAI) is inspired by the Welsh Corgi, a popular herding dog breed. According to its website, CorgiAI is “a place for all hardworking corgis to connect and chat about AI.” Launched in June 2023, CorgiAI began gaining traction in November. It peaked in March 2024 during the height of meme coin season, and the recent resurgence of meme coins like Pepe has reignited interest. 

Corgi AI’s 24-hour trading volume has surged by 1,300% today, reaching $10.8 million. This surge in interest has driven a 90% price increase in the last 48 hours, showing the potential to grow further. In addition, a recent post on the project’s CoinMarketCap community page speculated that the trading volume will continue to rise, paving the way for additional price gains.

While primarily a meme coin, Corgi AI offers utilities that enhance its appeal. The project includes a staking mechanism, and holders can use the token to pay for future Corgi AI services. The price of CorgiAl is $0.002258 at the moment of writing, according to CoinMarketCap. Regarding the price prediction for this year, analysts believe that it could go from $0.0037 to $0.0045. However, since this token is already available on exchanges, the investors can profit more from investing in meme coins such as WienerAl, which are available on presale since it has more room to grow!

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These past few days have indicated that the initial effects of the anticipated bull run may already be upon us. Preparing by diversifying your portfolio is crucial for maximizing profit in this dynamic market. The price of CorgiAI is rising, reflecting a growing interest and confidence in meme coins and their potential returns. 

Meanwhile, WienerAl is achieving significant success in its presale, reaching impressive milestones and attracting many crypto enthusiasts. Investors should consider these developments an opportunity to diversify their holdings strategically, so use this time wisely!

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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