WigoSwap joins multiple Chainlink services & strengthens prediction mini-game

WigoSwap, an integrated DeFi platform, has announced its integration with multiple Chainlink services to support the prediction mini-game.

Chainlink Automation and Chainlink Price Feeds have been onboarded on WigoSwap’s Prediction mini-game on Fantom network WigoSwap. It is also planning to merge Chainlink Verifiable Random Function to promote its forthcoming Lottery feature. 

WigoSwap’s new collaboration with Chainlink Automation aims to ensure secure and cost-efficient trigger rounds in its on-chain Prediction mini-game. In this mini-game, the users can predict the FTM/USD price after the round starts. On the other hand, Chainlink Price Feeds would help settle the prediction rounds hinged on secured price data to ensure additional security and reliability to the Prediction mini-game. 

The association with Chainlink VRF would ensure the selection of lucky winners in the forthcoming Lottery game. Being the most reliable Web3 automation service, Chainlink Automation would help trigger WigoSwap’s prediction rounds. During record levels of network congestion and high volatility, Chainlink Automation’s node operators can provide support to secure billions of dollars in DeFi. However, it is useful to note that some of the advantageous features of Chainlink automation that can be fruitful in this collaboration are time-tested infrastructure that helps in cost-cutting, highly trustworthy decentralized automation, faster scaling, and many others.

The Chainlink’s infrastructure would ensure that every prediction round is executed timely, providing users additional assurance that it would function as contemplated. The founder at WigoSwap, Aaron, stated they were pleased to associate multiple Chainlink services to bring new functionality to their platform and enhance the user experience. They added that Chainlink Automation is the most battle-seasoned automation service in DeFi, which would surely increase the reliability of WigoSwap’s prediction mini-game.

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