Wilder World launches Meowchain: A New Era for GameFi on Polygon

Wilder World is establishing new benchmarks in the gaming universe by transforming everything, including rare items, avatars, cyberwear, wheels, crafts, land, and buildings, into an on-chain object. At the core of this ecosystem, inventors, players, and the infrastructure are interconnected and fueled by $WILD, ensuring that transactions and activity occur in a unified universe. 

In order to accommodate billions of on-chain items and millions of players, the Wilder World platform pledges to create an ecosystem that anyone, anywhere in the world, can rapidly join. In conjunction with their sibling project ZERO, Wilder World is introducing Meowchain, a blockchain designed to enhance GameFi and the simulation.

Wilder World has established a blockchain development process to accommodate this magnitude. This smart contract must be inexpensive, decentralized, quick, lightweight, and scalable. Wilder World ultimately chose Polygon as its partner by utilizing Celestia’s innovative zero-knowledge technology. Meowchain, a universal blockchain solution that provides novel capabilities for GameFi, virtual worlds, and The Simulation, is the outcome of this agreement.

Meowchain, by utilizing the Celestia protocol, will provide a gasless transaction-based Layer 2 solution for Ethereum that is hyper-scalable and capable of accommodating Polygon. This enables Meowchain application developers to pay the gas charge on behalf of the users, a process simplified by Metropolis, the industry economy protocol of Wilder World. 

Meowchain utilizes the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), which facilitates a seamless connection to the Ethereum mainnet and positions it among the leading Layer 2 applications advancing a decentralized scaling solution. By utilizing Data Availability Sampling (DAS) and a sophisticated and efficient modular data network, Meowchain is prepared to support a user community of millions and provide an unprecedented level of expressive in-chain activity.

The Polygon CDK’s integration with Meowchain represents a paradigm change. This technology makes it simple to create a fast, scalable, and interoperable side chain that works with the Ethereum Blockchain. This integration is critical to Meowchain’s adoption of the technology, which improves anonymity and security through zero-knowledge protocols and allows for seamless interconnection with other Polygon elements.

Celestia’s value cannot be overstated since Meowchain uses a modular data availability network, which ensures secure and effortless scaling with constant chain launch. Celestia enables Meowchain to trade speed and security while also achieving performance since it separates two distinct features: data availability and consensus. The design will allow developers to innovate and add bespoke game logic more easily, promoting a decentralized gaming environment.

Wilder World’s future will be highlighted by the introduction of Midnight in Wiami, its first gaming experience using Meowchain to incorporate on-chain prizes and staking. With the testnet for Meowchain and the mainnet launch imminent, this technology will be critical to the public announcement of Wilder World, ZERO Messenger, and ZERO OS. 

The Meowchain, which is decentralized, open source, and permissionless, envisions a hyper-scalable gasless blockchain to power all projects. We have a crucial aspect of the ecosystem that envisions the immense opportunities of The Simulation, thanks to the collaboration of Wilder World, Polygon Labs, and Celestia’s core creators. This is a big step forward in blockchain gaming.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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