Wildlife Launches its Subnet on Avalanche to Improve User Experience

Web3 gaming is one of the fastest-growing areas in DeFi. Enhanced with decentralization and NFTs, gaming is dramatically changing. Thanks to web3 integration, blockchain gaming has become an active way to earn money. As the sector is growing rapidly, many popular game developers are embracing the play-to-earn model. Following this trend, Wildlife Studios is officially joining the Avalanche ecosystem and providing new opportunities to Castle Crush players.

Avalanche is one of the top-most advanced blockchain networks in the world. The blockchain has seen astounding growth in the market ever since its inception in 2020. Many believe that it is the innovative and reliable features introduced by the blockchain that brought this almost unreal success. The network recently launched another feature known as the subnet that allocates a separate network space for institutions and firms. The feature was introduced to address the vacuum created in DeFi due to the lack of presence of business institutions. Because the current institutional participation, however large, stops at the level of investments. The subnets will now allow the firms to establish their business with full control over their network. This will give the firm great freedom over experimentation and governance choices.

One of the subnets of Avalanche is currently being used by Wildlife studios. The studio is one of the largest providers of mobile gaming. Reportedly, the developer has launched nearly 60 names in over ten years of its operation. Zooba, Sniper 3D, Colorfy, War Machines, and Tennis Clash are some of the popular games developed by Wildlife studios. The studio has a worldwide mobile game business, and it stays at the top with more than 2.2 billion downloads so far. Now, the studio steps in to explore the possibilities of implementing web3 for mobile gaming with Avalanche’s subnet.

The studio is planning to bring in some changes to Castle Crush. The game will now have access to NFTs versions of the cards used in Games. These NFTs can be lent,  traded, or sold among players. The game also offers the native coin Ascension Crystals. The tokens will be awarded as the players rank up in the game. The utilities of the tokens include minting and upgrading NFTs. 

The game is expanding at an exponential rate currently. Moreover, the attraction for web3 gaming no longer remains in the play-to earn-model alone as many developers have undertaken the job of implementing triple-AA graphics and other gameplay technologies. The new moves shifted the games from DeFi to the mainstream gaming communities. Even companies like Microsoft have made an obvious move into NFT Market and web3 gaming recently. As per statistics, the venture capital money funnelled into Gamefi has increased by a hundredfold since 2021. To add more, the number of wallets created daily for blockchain gaming has grown by 46x. This gives all the more reason for the studios to step into this growing business.

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