Will ADA surge post reveal 2 big upgrades by Hoskinson?

Cardano (ADA) has seen significant price changes recently, showing its dynamic character in the cryptocurrency market. Cardano’s live price is currently $0.604512 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $474,009,362. Cardano’s price has increased by 1.64% in the previous 24 hours. Cardano has a current market capitalization of $21,524,529,094 USD, a circulating supply of 35,606,443,506 ADA coins, and a maximum supply of 45,000,000,000 ADA coins. Examining the past seven days, Cardano’s price has fluctuated, demonstrating market volatility.

Two upgrades by Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s co-founder, has announced two substantial updates targeted at strengthening the blockchain ecosystem. Despite the criticism, Hoskinson maintained a sense of fun and confidence. 

The first big upgrade, known as the Chang hard fork, is scheduled for the second quarter. This release marks a big step towards decentralization and community-driven governance in the ADA ecosystem. Chang wants to create an on-chain framework for community consensus, promoting a more democratic and participatory government paradigm.

This includes the introduction of Delegate Representatives (DReps), the formation of a Cardano Constitution Convention, and a vital community vote on the Cardano Constitution.

The second upgrade, Ouroboros Leios, is designed to enhance the network’s transaction throughput and processing capacity substantially.

This protocol upgrade introduces an innovative framework for transaction verification and block generation, aiming to significantly enhance the network’s scalability and performance by assigning these tasks to specific types of nodes.

Will Cardano (ADA) price surge amid two major upgrades?

The unveiling of two important upgrades to the Cardano blockchain has sparked much debate about their potential influence on Cardano’s pricing. According to online study, a number of variables could contribute to an increase in ADA prices. First, upgrades often increase investor confidence by communicating network growth and improvements, attracting new investors, and potentially increasing ADA’s price. 

Second, the expected feature improvements via upgrades such as the Chang hard fork and Ouroboros Leios may make Cardano more desirable to users and investors, resulting in a price increase as its utility grows. ADA price prediction suggests that these upgrades could lead to a significant increase in ADA’s value, attracting more investors to the cryptocurrency.

Future projection for Cardano (ADA) price

The introduction of Delegate Representatives (DReps), the establishment of a Cardano Constitution Convention, and the implementation of community-driven governance mechanisms through the Chang hard fork signify a move towards greater decentralization and community involvement. These developments could instill confidence in ADA investors, leading to increased demand and a positive impact on price.

Moreover, the Ouroboros Leios upgrade, aimed at improving transaction throughput and processing capacity, could further enhance Cardano’s utility and adoption. By addressing scalability issues, Cardano may become more competitive within the cryptocurrency market, potentially driving up its price as demand grows.


Two significant updates to the Cardano blockchain—the Chang hard fork and Ouroboros Leios—will benefit Cardano (ADA) in the long run. These upgrades strengthen Cardano’s decentralization, grant the community greater authority, and improve its functionality. Investors and users will find Cardano more appealing with additional features like Delegate Representatives and a Cardano Constitution Convention.

Additionally, because these improvements will boost investor confidence and enhance Cardano’s functionality, it is expected that the price of ADA will increase. This is consistent with the general trend in the cryptocurrency market, which is the growing interest in Cardano. All things considered, these adjustments may result in ADA’s price rising, indicating that more individuals are interested in investing in Cardano.

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