Will Bibox token bond the future?

Bibox is an enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange which mainly serves the Asian market. The platform consists of many of the Binance qualities. It is ranked among the top 25 exchanges on Coinmarketcap. It is estimated that the exchange handles around USD 50 million worth of crypto trades on an average day. Bibox has a native token which is similar to Binance, and the ticker symbol is BIX.

They offer quantity computations and analysis on trading, risk management while at the same time maintaining the best quality. Bibox Token is based on Ethereum blockchain, and it uses the ERC20 standard. By having the BIX token, the investors get to receive 20% of the Bibox exchanges profit. But, it is not clear whether Bibox token holders should trade at least one time per week on the platform or not in order for them to get the 20% profit. The platform offers investors discounts on trading fees which start at 50% for the starting year a trader uses the platform. The discount decreases until the 4th year when a trader gets a 6.25% discount on fees.

The AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange, Bibox On January 3rd, 2019 opened its token bonds trading section – Bibox Bond. Every contract’s price has reached up to 185 USD. The price has surged by 18.95% in comparison to its issue price. Bibox will release the remaining nine rounds of BIX Bond, according to its official statement. There are certain products with more than 10% yields in this “crypto winter.”

The price of Bibox Bond keeps increasing which explains that the token bond is in demand at the market and BIX1901 issued by Vocean has become popular that is becoming recognized and accepted by buyers.

Now let us see the reason behind the increase in price:

Bibox’s token bonds opened to market participants on November 22nd, 2018, which was sold out within 12 hours. The buyers are mostly qualified institutional investors, cited an insider. The normal investors can able to access BIX1901 after completing KYC verification. The basic reason for the BIX1901 price increase is that the supply is less than the demand. The BIX1901 is popular in the market because of its product.

Bibox Bond is a token bond contract denominated in Bibox token [BIX]. There was a total 4030 bond which will be issued in the first round, each with a face value of 1000 BIX. The Bibox Bonds are priced in GUSD. The coupon payment will be fixed to 48 BIX, and the maturity period of every unit will be six months. Let’ take BIX1901 for example — the face value of every BIX1901=1000BIX.On calculating the issue price on Jan 2nd, the price of BIX1901 is around 150GUSD. On maturity, if the BIX price drops, buyers can get 150GUSD [in the equivalent value of BIX] and coupon payment of 48BIX; if the BIX price goes up, buyers can get 1000BIX [principle] + 48BIX [coupon payment].

Bibox         Bibox mechanism

Getting BIX1901 is equal to buying a free six-month call option. The value of BIX1901 is its face value plus BIX call option, which explains the buyers, can get convertible bonds in the bearish market. When the market value increases, buyers may be able to profit from it.  Buying BIX190 will get stable earnings, but BIX1901 will get the buyers BIX incentive dividends as they normally do in BIX trading. BIX1901 reduces risk and safeguard the assets.

If we think about risk control, Vocean executes strict risk control process, the issuing body – Bibox Limited also created a system which also includes double collaterals, dynamic collaterals, and default deposit system to guarantee the principal and interest to be paid to buyers on maturity.

Through double collaterals, the number of bond contracts Bibox Limited issued was 4030, the equals of 4.03 million BIX, which means Bibox Limited has to promise 8.06 million BIX. Paying double collateral shows that Bibox Limited is trustworthy of repaying.

Through dynamic collateral management when the collateral ratio reaches lower than 150%, that is around 6 million BIX, Vocean will issue margin call to demand additional collaterals; if Bibox Limited fails and the collateral drops to 125%, that is about 5 million BIX; Vocean will provide all the existing collateral to bond buyers.

Lastly through the default deposit system, Bibox Limited also deposits 1% of total principal value to Vocean. The deposit will be paid in GUSD. If the default resulted from Bibox Limited, Vocean would pay 10% of bond principle value [at most 20% of insurance pool to those holding BIX1901.

The team of Bibox can be highly trusted since they are from adopters of blockchain technology, professional securities traders, venture capitalists, high-tech angel investors, A.I experts and Bitcoin interested people among others.

The Bibox platform makes use of the most recent and advanced distributed cluster system, and through this, it can handle a capacity of more than 10 million users. This has helped it become error free. According to the team behind the project, Bibox can match trades with a huge amount of trades per second. This will reduce the execution time for every trade. To know more about the crypto exchange in Germany, visit here.

The Bibox exchange is on a good shape now and is providing new tokens and coins every other day. Investors are getting confident with the exchange, and in return, the value of BIX keeps on gaining. However, the present risk of hacking at the exchange which would make the token’s value to fail. The team behind the coin while efficient and experienced seems to have some developmental issues which have been pointed out many times by crypto enthusiasts. The team has also failed to keep up the promises on a few occasions. Still, BIX is crypto which has the best future especially with the team that is experienced and very knowledgeable in cryptocurrency.

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