Will Digibyte survive an altcoin apocalypse?

This is one of the toughest years for bitcoin and all the other altcoins. Additionally, the Bitcoin ETF now is in extra doubt than ever, the present situation might lead some altcoins to zero. Hence, any of the altcoin which doesn’t have a strong foundation will mostly die. The basic foundation doesn’t only mean the technical aspects of the coin but the position of the coin as compared to other strong players in the market.

It is clear that Bitcoin has maintained its solid position in the market, and its position is mostly compared with the Gold. When we talk about smart contracts, Ethereum is ruling the market. Due to its Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, most of the big companies will turn to Ethereum to develop DApps. The EEA has firms such as JP Morgan as members, and we have observed that CEOs are very much optimistic about blockchain-based apps. Hence, most of the apps will be developed on Ethereum.

In essence, some of the platform blockchains will only remain appropriate in the market, till Ethereum sets its dominance. Similarly for Litecoin (LTC) in the payment market, where it is most widely used by businesses as compared to other altcoins in the market. Hence, some altcoins may disappear in the near future. We can say that the same is the case with many other altcoins, they are getting authority in various industries. In short, the future assists the top players in the market.

How will Digibyte survive the altcoin apocalypse?

So where does Digitbyte fit into the entire equation? Presently, most of the users think that Digibyte is best for crypto funds, however, Digibyte is pushing hard for its dominance in a specific market, which is digital security. Digibyte’s security features are incomparable in the whole crypto market. Digibyte’s DigiShield is utilized to secure more than 10 cryptocurrencies. From this, it is clear that Digibyte’s security is most trusted and distinguished in the whole crypto world.

In addition to this, Jared Tate lately stated that Digibyte aims to secure IoT devices because AI is gradually gaining dominance in the day-to-day tech-driven devices. With IoT to get a lot of traction in the next few years, Digibyte will appear to be top decentralized cybersecurity blockchain. This will directly provide Digibyte (DGB) a great innate value which exceeds any of the short-term fluctuations, like those which are currently happening in the market.

From the above points and DigiByte forecast, we can predict that in case of crypto apocalypse where weak projects may reach to zero, Digibyte (DGB) will be one of the coins which will improve its position in the market. This simply means that a value investor will get great returns in the long run, by investing in Digibyte at existing prices. The volatility that is currently observed in the market will be nothing when compared with the grand project when Digibyte will be securing each and every IoT device on the globe. At that point, Digibyte will be worth hundreds if not thousands when compared to today’s scenario.

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