Why DigiToads is positioned to outperform established players like XRP and Litecoin?

Why DigiToads is positioned to outperform established players like XRP and Litecoin?

Cryptocurrencies are a bright spot in investment cycles as their value soars unprecedentedly following last year’s deep sell-off and collapse. Bitcoin (BTC) has already taken the $30,000 handle affirming the renewed buying pressure. With renewed interest, DigiToads (TOADS) promises to take the sector by storm with more than 450% gains. Likewise, it is expected to outperform established projects like XRP and Litecoin (LTC).

DigiToads utility meme coin

DigiToads, a full utility meme coin, is eliciting strong interest if the $1.35m & rising raised in presale is anything to go by. The Ethereum-based project seeks to make a difference in people’s lives by providing exciting and fun ways of making money while investing in digital assets. Likewise, its utility stems from a thrilling Web 3 game that requires people to collect and nurture DigiToads.

People can nurture their DigiToads to develop unique characteristics and grow in size and strength by using TOADS, the network’s currency, to purchase potions, food, and training equipment. At the end of every season, the largest and strongest DigiToads will receive TOADS rewards.

In addition to the TOADS reward from the P2E game, DigiToads has also established an NFT staking platform. The platform is to allow people to stake their non-fungible tokens for a chance to earn some passive income. Of course, people’s income will depend on when the NFTs are staked.

Additionally, DigiToads has moved to enhance trading volume in the DigiToads ecosystem through trading competitions. People who come out on top stand to earn Platinum Toads each month as the reward. There is also a chance to earn 10% of all trading profits from the TOADS treasury.

TOADS is the deflationary token that will power DigiToad’s ecosystem. Its total supply is capped at 585 million. There is also a token-burning system that will continue to reduce the supply over time to fuel its value.

TOADS token holders can acquire DigiToads NFTs and use the token to pay transaction fees in the ecosystem. In addition, the token will also offer a means of buying gaming items and voting rights for the direction the project should take.

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XRP easing regulatory pressures

XRP has been one of the most established cryptocurrencies since 2012. After imploding in 2022, going down by more than 50%, the token has recouped a significant amount of the losses by the 50% plus gain year to date. The stellar performance has to do with regulatory pressures slowly fading as XRP’s adoption in the mainstream sector remains intact.

XRP is one project that has enjoyed tremendous success in making it easy for people to send and receive money across borders. Its RippleNet platform remains the talk of the town, going by the number of mainstream financial institutions using it to enhance international payments.

Its technology which allows for fast and low costs transactions has made it an ideal option for businesses and financial intuitions looking to enhance payments. Nevertheless, it faces stiff competition from other established projects like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Cardano that also enable peer-to-peer payments.

Litecoin is Bitcoin alternative

Litecoin is another established coin flying high as the bounce back from last year’s sell-off heats up. LTC, the network native token, is already up by more than 33% affirming renewed interest in a project that came into being in 2011 to enable quick and cheap transactions.

It shares many similarities with Bitcoin and is one of the reasons it is always dubbed as a worthy replacement. Its popularity has to do with the fact that it is an affordable alternative for anyone looking to invest in the burgeoning sector.

Unlike DigiToads looking to redefine the meme coins sector with P2E gaming and NFT staking, Litecoin faces stiff competition. Bitcoin Cardano and Solana are some projects that do exactly what it does.

Bottom line


DigiToads is one of the most compelling options, given its proven utility around P2E gaming and NFT staking. In addition, its low valuation makes it an ideal play compared to established XRP and Litecoin, as it is on the cusp of registering more than 450% gains. Likewise, it is an ideal investment for anyone looking to generate some passive income in a fun and exciting way.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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