How does Dogeliens compare to crypto giants like BNB and Avalanche?

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, with market crashes and spikes happening multiple times a year. While some cryptocurrencies are relatively generous with the returns they offer, some can dismantle a user’s portfolio. BNB and Avalanche have provided good returns for their users in the past, with their expansive platforms encompassing everything needed to succeed in the crypto market.

So, how does Dogeliens (DOGET) compare to crypto giants like BNB and Avalanche? The new platform is rampaging through its presale, assembling an inclusive platform that prioritizes education and the well-being of others. Let’s start by examining Dogeliens!

Dogeliens looks to dominate the NFT sector

Dogeliens has begun its journey by outlining key aspects of its ecosystem, including a university, an NFT collection, and a charity. Dogeliens has a unique system that takes 3% of each transaction made on the Dogeliens platform and puts it into the charity wallet. At the end of each month, the Dogeliens community decides which charities receive the funds.

Dogeliens Looks To Dominate The NFT Sector

Dogeliens will host an NFT collection on the Dogeliens platform. The collection will consist of 10,000 NFTs, which will be more than just a cute dog to look at. The Dogeliens NFTs will allow you to access many benefits, including discounts and incentives, as the ecosystem grows.

Additionally, the University of Barkington will help to educate the humanoid masses. Experts predict that crypto adoption will maintain a positive trend for years to come, and Dogeliens is ensuring its community knows about blockchain technology.

BNB is a platform for everything

BNB has set the bar for what a crypto platform needs to succeed. The crypto giant has included an NFT marketplace, a CEX, a DEX, and educational resources. BNB currently boasts an impressive market capitalization of $53.8 billion and has risen by 2.94% in seven days at the time of writing.

BNB Is A Platform For Everything

The educational resources that BNB hosts focus on blockchain technology and Web3 adoption. BNB also allows its users to earn crypto by completing quizzes and building their blockchain knowledge.

BNB is dedicated to charity, producing blockchain solutions for social change. There are many issues that BNB aims to solve with blockchain technology. These include educating those in underprivileged areas, closing the poverty gap, and creating equal futures!

Avalanche holds steady

Avalanche has assembled an ecosystem that combines speedy performance with a low carbon footprint. Avalanche announced in November 2021 that it had finally gone carbon neutral, a huge leap forward for the crypto market as it had become notorious for its environmental impact.

Avalanche can reach up to 4,500 transactions per second at its peak performance due to its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that allows it to confirm transactions faster.

Users can create and deploy blockchains on the Avalanche platform that fit their application needs. Although Avalanche is currently declining in value, cryptocurrencies historically perform well during the Autumn period. It means that Avalanche could be due for a price rally soon!

To Summarise

So, how does Dogeliens compare to crypto giants like BNB and Avalanche? Dogeliens has the potential to reach the same level of success as these two platforms, hosting some of the same characteristics that made them successful.

If Dogeliens retains the same momentum it has seen thus far, we could see the next crypto giant joining the market extremely soon!

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