Will Huobi Token Price Recover from The Current Bearish Trend?

  • Huobi Token price has been under a lot of bear pressure over the previous 24 hours

Huobi Token (HT) is a decentralized digital asset which is used in all applications of the Huobi Group. The token has not been able to achieve much in terms of its pricing due to the ongoing bearish trend in the crypto market. As such, the price has been continually in the lower range as seen from the one-day price chart. The price has been oscillating between $4.02 – $4.12. You can check our Huobi Token price prediction to get more details about the predicted prices of the future for the HT coin.

Huobi Token Price Analysis & Predictions

Houbi Token Price
HT Chart by TradingView

Huobi Token saw a lot of price oscillations yesterday, indicating the bears are still going strong in the market. At 2:12 UTC, the price of Huobi Token was at $4.0865. In a matter of two hours, the price rose to $4.1191; the rise is to the tune of 0.81%. The price had a significant fall at 20:10 UTC to the extent of 2.32% at $4.0236. At 23:23 UTC, the price had a minor recovery to the extent of 0.74% at $4.0532. Today, the price of Huobi Token is trading at $4.0202 which is lower to the tune of 0.08%.

Will Huobi Token’s price be able to gain stronghold once again?

Huobi Token had begun on a low price at the beginning of the year like most altcoins. Then, it slowly picked up and gained upward momentum from February which continued till the beginning of April. Then the downward momentum hit for the token, and it still is reeling under bear pressure though there has uptrend along the way. Analysts have not much hope for the short-term but expect the market to pick up for cryptocurrencies by the year-end including for Huobi Token.


Investors do not have much to say in this volatile market and can continue to hold their investments and think of a long-term plan. Short-term and intraday traders have to study the market volatility and then time their trading.

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