Will Litecoin (LTC) Strike an Uptrend in the Near-term?

Litecoin price has been trying to withhold the bear pressure ever since the volatility crept into the crypto market since July. Even now, over the past seven days, LTC has been trying to maintain its price momentum in the upward range and has even succeeded to a certain extent with the price fluctuating in the range between $36 – $41.

Litecoin Price Prediction

LTC coin has managed to hold its price above the baseline for most of the time over the past seven days. The coin was at a high of $40.0137 on December 16. Then, the price of Litecoin was pushed below the baseline and reached $36.4429 on December 18. On the same day, the price bounced back and exhibited a hike of 13.54% at $41.344. After that, there was a slight price fluctuation marked in the coin, but the price managed to stay above the baseline at $39.660 till December 21. Currently, Litecoin price is trading at $39.6908, and it indicates that the currency is trying to maintain its momentum even under market pressure.

Litecoin Price Prediction
LTC/USD Chart By TradingView

Litecoin price has managed to perform well over the past seven days, even in the ongoing volatile phase. This current trend should be a good relief for its investor community. According to experts LTC coin to pick up its momentum well into the Future. Otherwise, visit here our forecast pages to know the long-term potentials of the coin and get for more details here.

Traders can now relax as the coin is showing signs of slight recovery, and they can continue making gains by analyzing the price movement of Litecoin.

Resistance & Support Levels:

R1: $42.03, R2: $43.2 and R3: $43.86

S1: $40.2, S2: $39.54 and S3: $38.37

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