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Will NEO Drop Below the 30-day Low Second Time in a Week?

  • NEO coin deals around $8.80 during the intraday trading
  • The price is speculated to drop below the major support level

NEO price movement is quite disturbing for the intraday traders. The price is at $8.80, and the major support level is at $8.73. The same might cross in the coming hours. The coin dropped to $8.41 on November 25. If the fall in the price continues, there is a strong possibility that NEO might violate the 30-day low twice in a week. Yesterday, NEO price was seen touching a high at $9.41 and a low at $9.03. The volume was marked as $372,281,335.

NEO Price Prediction

Yesterday, the NEO coin started dealing at $9.17. During the opening hours, the coin slipped to $9.05 by 1.30%. Further, the currency jumped to $9.45 by 4.38%. Later, the price picked up and touched $9.45 by 4.38%. The currency fell to $8.98 by 5.02%. The price slightly picked up again and touched $9.18 by 2.22%. The pressure took the NEO price down to $9.01 by 1.79%. The closing hours again reflected uptrend that took the coin to $9.33 by 3.60%. Today, the currency is registering heavy downtrend. The price started falling from the beginning of the day. The counters moved from $9.33 to $9.10 and then, $9.23 to $8.80. The regression marked was 2.59% and 4.67%, respectively.

NEO News
NEO Chart By TradingView

NEO is currently dealing at $8.92. The price has already dropped below the immediate support level at $9.11. There is a strong possibility that the coin might fall below the next support level.

Resistance LevelPrice

NEO is speculated to improve in the coming time. The traders are recommended to go for long-term investment to book a colossal profit.


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