SushiSwap and Uniswap devs sweating over next-gen staking platform Oryen Network after ICO sees 200% price surge

Investors watch as the market delivers incredible entry points for hundreds of crypto projects. And Web3 shows its greatest strength in these times of economic adversity: the pace of development. New projects continue to address new verticals, and Oryen Network has delivered the next technological leap for staking, creating another rival and greater anxiety for SushiSwap and Uniswap developers. 


SushiSwap was a hard fork of Uniswap with one critical difference: xSUSHI. Uniswap distributed UNI to investors providing liquidity, but UNI suffers from heavy sell pressure due to its lack of value accrual. SushiSwap provides SUSHI to liquidity providers. SUSHI can be staked in return for xSUSHI and entitles investors to a portion of all the fees generated by the platform. This tokenomics upgrade saw investors migrate from Uniswap to SushiSwap, and another technological leap will see investors migrate from SushiSwap to Oryen Network. 


Uniswap pioneered the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model creating the foundations for the bulk of decentralized exchanges. Uniswap pushed DeFi forward massively, but its core weakness is the UNI token’s lack of utility. This governance token represents DeFi 1.0, and investors are no longer content with governance rights; they want a share of the protocol revenue. Despite being an economic powerhouse and a fully trustless protocol, Uniswap’s failure to share revenue with investors has crippled the long-term prospects for UNI holders.

Oryen Network 

Oryen Network is a fascinating protocol and a real contender among the next generation of DeFi superstars. This protocol has delivered an earning process many thought would never exist: buy-hold-earn. Thanks to the deployment of the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) system, the process of staking has made another leap forwards. Smart contracts control the entire process, meaning once investors purchase ORY, all that remains is to wait for compound interest to work its magic. 

Investors have reacted to this breakthrough, and ORY has surged by 200%. The initial estimates for the protocol are featured below:

Presale 5 (23 November- 2 December) $0.15 – 7% Token Bonus
Presale 6 (2 December – 9 December) $0.175 – 5% Token Bonus
Presale 7 (9 December – 16 December) $0.21 – 5% Token Bonus
Presale 8 (16 December – 23 December) $0.25 – 5% Token Bonus
Presale 9 (23 December – 27 December) $0.3 – 0% Token Bonus

Investor demand has blown these targets out of the water, and Oryen Network’s solution to staking continues to attract growing amounts of capital. Business2Community has listed Oryen Network as one of 2022’s best ICOs, and another price explosion seems inevitable.

Closing Thoughts

Web3 continues to innovate, and investors vote with their feet. The release of Oryen Network’s next-gen staking makes the process more secure and optimizes earning. ORY will see gains in line with this development, and several analysts have stated that ORY’s 200% price gain is only just the beginning.

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