Will STOs dominate the Blockchain Industry in 2019?

We have been contemplating the development of digital technology with the extending time. There was a period just a few knew about Bitcoin, and now the market is flooding with a different set of tokens which are being accepted by few and rejected by a few. We have seen many projects coming up with their tokens in the market, and however, for the past few months, another pattern has assumed control over the market. Among the digital currencies, one such term is being heard on numerous occasions is a security token offering (STO). The STO is being distinguished as a profitable choice to funding financing and private equity for global organizations. The assessed development of STO can grow up to $10 trillion throughout the next few years.

The Future of Fundraising -Security Token Offers (STO) 

An ongoing study by Node Blockchain Inc., a Toronto based blockchain organization specializing on research, asset management, evidence of-stake mining and investigation found that Security Token Offerings could be a leap forward for the raising money in the blockchain industry. So far, in the blockchain market, digital currency ventures have been supported through ICOs. This innovative technique for crowdfunding or fundraising has permitted investors from everywhere throughout the world to invest from the beginning of new business or projects.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Security token offering (STO) is a fundraising tool like an ICO, yet with specific regulations that consider the token issuers responsible for their actions. The relatively quick accomplishment of ICOs has built up against them as a reasonable technique for crowdfunding. While ICOs have helped a lot of new companies raise a lot of cash, the fundraising method additionally cleared a route for an assortment of scams as there were practically no regulations included.

Decoding STOs

Blockchain technology has been developing as far back as it has picked up popularity which was for the most part due to Bitcoin in the early days. Presently, with the advancements in the smart contracts, security tokens have appeared with the sole purpose of setting up themselves as the new use case for real-time digital resources that work inside the legal limits.

How are STOs not the same as ICOs?

An STO includes money related securities that are issued as digital assets. These digital resources represent restrictive rights in a firm. This is different from Initial Coin Offering is that the tokens offered in an ICO are utility tokens. These tokens do not serve any stake in the firm, and they are just usable once a project is executed effectively to its launch.

How are STOs superior to ICOs?

While fundraising through ICO’s centered around acquiring the required investment, moreover what it didn’t consider was if the funds collected were being deployed into the development of the proposed plan of action. This is the place STOs fix the discrepancy. By conforming to the regulations spread out by regulatory bodies, Security Token Offerings guarantee that the securities offered are straightforward and transferable as well as liquid.


Kinesis money is upheld by valuable metals as security. The tokens issued are based on silver and gold. The distribution proportion is 1:1. Here one token equivalent 1 billion. When you buy a Kinesis token, you are allocated silver or gold bullion. These bullions are stored in secure third-party vaults across the world to dispose of any counterparty risk.

4 Levels in STOs

  • Blockchain Protocols

Security Tokens are not qualified for their very own protocol innovation, but they are developed on existing protocols with Ethereum being the most famous in the space right now. Moreover, it is not the primary choice as more protocols are entering the space.

  • Smart Contracts

However jazzy the term may sound, this does not have any relations at all with smart contracts being equivalent to legitimate bonds. They are fundamentally programming languages set by the blockchain protocol. Preferably, they should have a utility and in this way a value which is the reason they are named utility tokens.

  • Issuance Platforms

These platforms create and circulate the utility tokens and are likewise in charge of having consistent, regulated smart contracts for the token issuance.

  • Trades

The most fundamental segment in the digital resource biological system is they encourage trading, giving the liquidity in the equation. Without them, there is no value of the token aside another person is prepared to pay for them.

STOs running stable with a success rate of 99% 

We presently see an expanding number of STOs as the there are over 60% STOs that are either active or upcoming. Likewise, the organizations aiming to raise funds are beginning to understand that the interest of investors and assets are increasingly disposed towards “security” tokens rather than “utility tokens,” because of qualities controlled by the security tokens.


Not long from now, STOs may conceivably overtake ICOs. They will be legitimate, regulated and one can invest in them with a realistic expectation for returns. Returns that are not affected by the Bitcoin’s market price, yet the positive income of a business which is sound for the digital financial ecosystem. When it comes to investment in crypto, STOs are generally safe. It is a result of the way that in comparison with ICOs, STOs have greater assorted variety in the tokens. While STOs are unquestionably an improved version of ICOs, not every person will find them to be an ideal approach to raise funds. Since the STO market is still developing, we don’t generally have experiences or recorded trends to figure how they will fare in the future. Another issue with STOs is that since the market isn’t decentralized, controllers can impact markets with their decisions.

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