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The present era of millennials is all about the adoption of the best technological solutions and user-friendly pedagogies that have the potential to cater to their requirements in the shortest time and in a budget-friendly manner. This new-age thinking popularized the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in a big way. The recent years have seen the expansion of the decentralized techno space in a wide range of industrial domains, which decided to make a transit from the traditional age-old technological mechanisms.

In this mad race for blockchain technology adoption, the online casino gaming sector left behind other industrial domains and somehow managed to outshine as the winner in the field. There has been substantial growth in the gambling industry in the past few years span as more and more casino establishments started switching to blockchain-pegged online games. Check out our crypto casino page and find more details!

At present, casinos around the world have introduced Bitcoin-supported games for their clients and this has given a boost to their business in a big way. is leading online gambling website offering eight games – Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, Minesweeper and Lottery.

It provides gamblers to gamble online with virtual currencies safely and responsibly. The main mission of is to be the leading digital entertainment company that anticipates market demands and delights players by offering smart, safe, and fun virtual money games.

What is Bitcoin Dice?

Bitcoin dice, the simple yet intriguing online game, has earned the title of the “purest” online casino game by its global fans. The game is governed by a set of rules which are quite easy to understand but require a lot of effort to become an unprecedented master in the game.

Taking pride in being the most popular Bitcoin-supported online casino game, Bitcoin dice operates on a Provably Fair system. The seeds and secret hashes are displayed publicly for the players to use the details for instant validation of the genuineness of the results. The gamblers do not have to make an account for accessing the game but have to keep track of the password or personal URL for the purpose.

How to Play Bitcoin Dice?

The game of Bitcoin dice is quite easy to play and just requires the framing of certain winning strategies to lead the game like a pro. The game follows a simple model of rules which includes:

  1. Choosing a number between 1 and 100
  2. Placing a bet on a number, you predict the roll will stop above or below. The higher is the potential payout, and the minimum are the chances of correct predictions
  3. Placing the bet amount
  4. Pressing the roll button and waiting till it stops on a number

The best Bitcoin dice sites provide a 1% house edge to the Bitcoin dice players.

The Best Bitcoin Dice Strategies

The predominant Bitcoin dice strategies rely on analyzing the past rolls and understanding the patterns. Some strategies involve the identification of alternating rolls patterns. These strategies are concerned with staking plans. Given below are some Bitcoin dice strategies which can be adopted by the players to increase their chances of winning the bets.

  1. The Paroli Strategy

This advanced strategy helps the players to increase their success rate by taking advantage of winning streaks. It helps the gamers reduce losses and play bets on winning streaks. The strategy involves:

  • Determination of the base stake
  • Doubling bets after every win
  • After three consecutive wins, the player needs to halt raising the stake
  • The player places bets only on base stake, after a loss
  1. The Martingale Strategy

Founded in the 18th century France, the Martingale Strategy is the most popular staking plan for the Bitcoin dice game. In this strategy, the gamers increase the betting amount progressively as and when they experience a losing streak. On winning a bet, the amount earned covers the losses incurred. For instance,

  • A player plays a bet to roll under 50 and loses.
  • He/she will then again play the bet to roll under 50 for double the amount.
  • This process will be continued until he/she finally gets a winning streak.

The Martingale Strategy has two separate versions, namely:

  • The Inverse Martingale Strategy– In this staking process, the player increases the stake size on a winning streak. They bet 50% stake of the wins from successful wins and keep the remaining 50% with them.
  • The Break-Even Martingale Strategy– In this strategy, the players increase the stakes at a slower rate. For instance: A player will increase his bet from 10m ฿ to 20m ฿ only after facing losing bets for a minimum of three times.
  1. The D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy follows a simple pattern in which the gamers increase their staking amount by 1 time only after each consecutive roll out. It involves lower chances of risk and the stakes are not as steep as in the Martingale Strategy.

All these strategies can be tested at The gambling platform has an auto bet feature which users can configure according to their betting strategy. Once the bot has been configured, users can sit back and watch the bets taking place automatically. Crypto-Games also has a very high rewarding faucet and Play Money that can be used to find the best strategy before playing with your own funds!


There are several gaming platforms that allow users to enjoy a game of Bitcoin dice. The gamers can choose the crypto casino of their choice and start placing their bets. However, while choosing the Bitcoin Dice gaming portal, it is important to make sure that the game is provably fair to all the players. The winners are chosen by fair means and there are no hidden methodologies favoring a certain class of players.

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