Winklevoss Twins Believe in Stablecoins, Tokenized Securities

A brothers duo named Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss believes that the stablecoins and the tokenized securities are the future of crypto industries. They think that these two new trends will take crypto a step further towards the future, which is brighter. They said it during their appearance on one New Channel segment dedicated to Crypto.

They appeared on the TV news channel as a part of promoting their recent campaign, which is attracting a lot of controversies, as the drive is alleged of trying to remold the image of crypto in attempting to blend it with regulations and market-practices bound to compliance. The duo is also the owner of Gemini, a crypto trading platform.

However, Cameron Winklevoss started with a conversation and took it beyond regulatory matters. The duo was emphasizing on the company’s role in adding new development for digital assets in the form of stablecoins and tokenized securities.

Taking note of that a significant part of the twins’ attention and hard work so far has been on virtual products, for example, Bitcoin, he said that a convincing new use for crypto would be virtual security tokens supported by genuine assets:

They continued saying that the ICO craze of 2017, people see that as the of the securities token world. They were unregistered, and it was crazy town for around a half year there. The duo figures that the coming wave will see the genuine development and the extremely fascinating assets that progress toward becoming tokenized — like land which is presently not liquidity trend. So, it is interesting.

Tyler contributed saying that the United States dollar-pegged stablecoins, which are supposed to have less price volatility as compared non-fiat collateralized crypto assets— could outstandingly be utilized to issue dividends in a forthcoming tokenized securities space.

Cameron added to this by saying that minimum 60 percent of $100 notes currently held abroad; and, dollars on the blockchain are ready to reshape the worldwide currency market.

The twins argued that less unstable crypto assets are more qualified for use in retail payments than coins like Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be considered as a better alternative to the gold.

Roxanne Williams

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