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Winklevoss twins pump in $2M towards Trump presidential campaign

Winklevoss twins pump in $2M towards Trump presidential campaign

The presidential elections slated for November have witnessed Republican candidate, Donald Trump, receiving the amount of $2 million for his campaign from Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler. Each of them has pumped in $1 million. 

Both the brothers attributed this act of theirs to Trump being a kind of crusader, about crypto, bitcoin, and businesses involving online assets. 

The campaigners behind Trump were agreeable with donations being carried out with cryptocurrencies, spreading the overall message further regarding his total inclination towards them. 

The Winklevoss twins took the help of X to announce to the world that they donated towards Trump’s run-up to the presidential elections, further emphasizing Trump and the crypto space since they had utilized crypto. 

According to the CEO of Gemini, in the case of President Joe Biden, has made amply clear his angst for anything crypto. In his opinion, Biden and his administration have left no stone unturned for the outright discouragement of online currency, this factor pushing him more towards Trump. 


The twins have been longtime proponents of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, frequently speaking about the potential benefits and advocating for broader acceptance and regulatory clarity. Their support for Trump’s campaign, therefore, aligns with their interests in promoting a favorable environment for digital assets.

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