Wistaverse introduces the first virtual protest platform

Wistaverse has introduced the world’s first ever global virtual protest platform, The Sandbox. It is basically a forum for creating awareness among the masses in relation to various issues. This involves the live hosting of influencers and speakers, organizing fund-raising activities, and participating in mass virtual protests, amongst others. The safety and non-violence factor kicks in as it does not occur in real-time. The launching event is slated for May 11–14, 2023, and will be centered around the backing of abortion rights, which is Amnesty International’s brainchild.

According to Gregoire Laugier, the founder of Wistaverse, there will be no opportunity for people to engage in nonviolent protests if this forum continues to exist in the virtual world. Moreover, since anyone can register, there will be significantly more exposure to the cause. According to him, all of this will tremendously impact the reasons. Additionally, it will be possible to hold demonstrations in locations with multiple restrictions on these issues.

Wistaverse, by itself, is a neutral arena that offers the means to plan and implement various types of campaigns. Being a part of the launch, Amnesty International has come out with HU.R.R.A., the entity’s initial NFT project, which will utilize Web3 technology to support the right to abortion globally. Users will have the opportunity to purchase the HURRA NFTs to be able to collect funding for the cause. In the future, one will be able to raise funds through the Wistaverse utility token, $WISTA.

Where the Director of Amnesty International, Philippe Hensmans, is concerned, they view the blockchain scenario as a means of creating a new audience that will be more interactive and decentralized. Human rights issues will, in the future, be dealt with on a much larger platform than what is presently available for the masses and their various reasons for carrying out protests.


According to Sebastian Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, they have over 4.5 million registered wallets. With the help of Wistaverse, it will be possible to reach out to a much more significant portion of the world’s population in regards to human rights. In addition, when the situation is improved by the utility token $WISTA, the Wistaverse code will become completely decentralized and immutable, just like Bitcoin is today. 

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