With Carbon Money, You can now Buy Cryptos on TRON within the App

Yesterday, Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and the current CEO of BitTorrent; announced on Twitter about the latest integration with Carbon. Carbon is a FinTech company based in New York. The company’s vision is to make blockchain apps more user-friendly. Its area of focus is on the payments system.

The need for simplifying-

In the Twitter post, TRON’s founder also pointed at the need for simplifying the process of buying and sending cryptos. He said that despite the major boom and the everyday growth of the crypto industry, the users are still not fully able to transact cryptos freely. The complexity of the technology and the related issues around it; act as a barrier to the common man. As per Sun, the integration with Carbon is a step in the direction of simplifying the issue. Sun further added-

“We are always looking for simplicity and ease of use for the TRON community, and these types of collaborations are extremely important to bringing buyers and sellers together in our growing dApp ecosystem.”

The in-app purchase element of this integration is a very exciting change. It should benefit both the companies alike and should help in mass-support and mass-adoption of the cryptocurrencies. Carbon has introduced credit card buying ability to the user. They can buy TRC 20 synced crypto tokens and cryptocurrencies through ‘Fiber.’

What is Fiber and about the integration-

Fiber is a fiat currency ‘gateway’ product. With the help of Fiber, the users can buy cryptos through a variety of payment methods. Fiber’s API is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. It also works well with both the operating systems- i.e., the Android operating system and the iOS operating system.

Fiber will integrate with TRON’s crypto wallet called- ‘TronLink.’ This integration will help the users user-friendly access to the decentralized application platform. Carbon has released price-stable cryptos on TRON with the name ‘TRXD.’

It’s not the first time for Carbon-

It is not the first time that Carbon has extended its support for platforms like TRON for crypto payment solutions. Back in the past, the FinTech company has also extended its support to EOS, Telos, and Ethereum public blockchains.

Variety of buying methods-

The users, outside the United States boundaries, can now buy cryptos through credit card payments, or debit card payments within minutes. This can be done with the help of Carbon backed crypto wallet.  The second method is to use the decentralized app on the Carbon exchange. The user can choose between these cryptos- TRX, BTT, or TRXD stablecoins. Carbon is trying to cater to the United States’ crypto wallet support too. But, as of now, Fiber supports the following payment methods-

  • Major credit cards,
  • Major debit cards, and
  • Apple Pay.

There are plans of introducing more than one hundred and eighty currencies with the help of other payment modes, which include- WeChat Pay, Alipay, Apple Pay, SEPA, wires, and so on. Fiber is like the all-in-one place, where the user can access through very easy ways. The co-founder and the CEO of Carbon shed some light on Fiber in the following words-

“With Fiber, users will be able to onboard into the world of crypto in a single step – replacing the complicated and tedious process that has hampered crypto’s usability and approachability.”

Collaborations and integrations such as these are very much needed for the further growth of the crypto sphere. TRON has been very active in pushing the innovations in the crypto industry through its endeavors such as Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) last year, which was created to support the developers all around the world with a custom constructed blockchain system, or the launch of ‘DappHouse’ which is a store-house of many decentralized applications. Again the objective was to make the blockchain participation of the user easy and effective. Similarly, other endeavors such as niTROn Summit 2019, sale of TRON-based BitTorrent token- BTT on Binance, acquiring the first-ever blockchain app store called- CoinPlay, launch of Sun Network Testnet, etc., this year, simply prove the amount of work, the company is trying to support the growth of the crypto sphere.

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