Play-to-Earn Game WonderHero Grants Players an Average Income of $1,215 USDT in the First Three Weeks

WonderHero continues to achieve one milestone after the next. Global interest in the play-to-earn game rises strongly, but so do the player earnings, and both aspects are crucial to the long-term survival of this project.

February 28th – Singapore – These are exciting times for WonderHero, the play-to-earn game which recently hit the market. Since launching on January 26th, the game has proven lucrative to early adopters. Players earn an average of 1,215 USDT in the first 20 days, providing a solid monetary incentive to see what this play-to-earn game is all about. Moreover, that is a substantial revenue stream despite overarching bearish market conditions affecting crypto markets. 

Those high earnings come from a combination of $WND, $HON, and NFT earnings. The average account token income per day is $3.27 USDT. That is supplemented by the average NFT worth of every account, which currently sits at $1,150 USDT. It is a strong start for WonderHero users and enthusiasts.

The WonderHero ecosystem enables players to complete battles and win in-game tokens and NFT drops. All in-game assets are tokenized as NFTs and can be traded freely. That approach has yielded over 1.4 million battles by nearly 11,000 active users to date. Players have made 200% ROI from the day they started playing, which is rather impressive.

WonderHero strikes a chord with gamers in Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. All those regions have shown a strong interest in play-to-earn gaming on mobile devices. 

These battles generated 22.2 million $HON tokens and 129,000 $WND for players, with the average NFT sale yielding 51 USDT. Those NFTs have a combined trading volume of $2.5 million USDT, further confirming the overall popularity of these assets. 

Weapon and Hero Skin NFTs tend to note a higher demand so far. The most-valuable Weapon NFT traded for $2,000 USDT, whereas the most expensive Hero Skin NFT fetched $1,999 USDT. Equipment NFTs are still very useful, and the highest sale price is currently $400 USDT. 

Another factor of growth for WonderHero can be found in the Guilds segment. Guilds are an essential cog in the upcoming Yield System machine. Moreover, the Guilds introduce scholarship opportunities for newcomers, which provides easier access to the WonderHero ecosystem. To date, there are 54 guilds and 3,248 scholars, and those numbers will continue to increase in the coming weeks and months.

One of the big developments to pay attention to is the WonderHero PvP Arena. Launching on February 28th, the new feature lets players compete for ranking on the top leaderboard. There are five ranks – from Black Iron to Legendary – to achieve. Players are divided into groups of 30 every week and must climb the rankings to earn attractive prizes. 

Players who reach the highest rank in their group will advance to the next rank to compete in the following week. Higher rank tiers will see the underperforming players get relegated and moved to a lower tier. The top 100 players of each ranking – and their Guild names – will be made public through a leaderboard on the WonderHero website. 

The PvP Arena is another crucial milestone for the WonderHero project, and it will ensure the play-to-earn game can continue to build on the early momentum in place today. 

WonderHero raised $1.845 million through several fundraising rounds ahead of the P2E game’s launch in late January 2022. The WonderHero game is available worldwide through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

About WonderHero

Play-to-Earn Mobile RPG game, WonderHero! Here gamers earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) & sell them on the P2P marketplace. WonderHero team believes in the information of the place where different levels of players can provide income opportunities while having fun. A stellar team leads it with the experience of a leadership operating in the top 20 crypto exchange with ten years of gaming experience. 

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