WOO Network Partners With Fantom Foundation

Fantom Foundation succeeded in winning the attention of millions by declaring a reward program worth $450 million for dApp developers, according to Fantom price predictions reports. Fantom Foundation is renowned for its instant execution of transfers, low fees, a high value of TVL, and a highly secure POS network that ensures complete compatibility and high scalability with the dApps of the Ethereum blockchain. The partnership between Fantom Foundation and WOO Network will boost the liquidity of the platform of Fantom Foundation and add more volume to the platform of WOO Network. 

Through this collaboration, WOO Network will add liquidity to the trading pairs of the bridges, decentralized exchange forums, and dApps of Fantom Foundation. The present DeFi solutions of WOO Network are deployed on the blockchain networks of Binance, Polygon, and Ethereum. These DeFi solutions ensure maximum capital efficiency of WOO Network by serving as an on-chain bridge for the aggregated liquidity of CeFi. The bridge provides users with competitive market rates at minimum slippage and low fees. 

WOO Network will also boost the liquidity of FTM tokens. The partnership will look into the aggregation of liquidity of the FTM token of Fantom Foundation to make the token accessible to the registered institutions of the WOO Network and the users of WOO X, the native product of WOO Network. The collaboration between WOO Network and Fantom Foundation will allow CeFi users to make the best of zero trading fee and increased depth in professional trading and retail trading. In the near future, WOO Network intends to focus on the development of more bridges for the ecosystem of Fantom Foundation for supporting the native tokens of Fantom. 

There will be more integrations of WOO Network with the mainnet of Fantom Foundation in the times to come. The CEOs of both platforms are looking forward to making WOO X the centralized bridge of Ethereum, Fantom Foundation, and other blockchain networks.

Roxanne Williams

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