World Mobile announces partnership with SingularityNET

Mobile Network has announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement with SingularityNET. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance customer support service, facilitate blockchain-based loan service, and accelerate AI-powered credit rating. This enables World Mobile to demonstrate the capabilities of its blockchain-based mobile network while leveraging the potential of AI technology supplied by SingularityNET.

Overall, both will collectively set a new tone for products and services that will be backed by Artificial Intelligence in the days to come.

The department is considered the backbone for companies striving to retain their customers. There is no point in denying the fact that it is always a good customer support service that keeps customers on the list. However, it often consists of support representatives handling generic queries from customers. This strains the resources and takes a longer time to get a resolution.

Hence, Mobile Network is looking to streamline the department so that the time of resolution is drastically lowered. Customer inquiries that are general in nature will be handled by AI, ensuring that only complicated queries find their way to support representatives. This will put a check on the effective utilization of resources along with instant resolution.

Customer Support staff will basically be liberated from handling tasks that keep on repeating with little or no value at all. For instance, the process of checking the status of a query should not require a human to answer that question. Instead, AI can send an update about the issue and how long it will take to address & resolve the same.

World Mobile is eyeing to expand its presence in new territories. Assuming the current highlights of their partnership with SingularityNET work wonders in the existing regions, World Mobile will surely carry them forward to new geographical entries.

World Mobile, in its announcement, has expressed confidence in improving the manner in which exceptional service quality is maintained.

Next comes loan and credit rating services, each backed by blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, respectively. Prompting World Mobile to engage in this segment is the data published by the World Bank, emphasizing that approximately 1.4 billion people across the world have not been banked yet. The scope is most of them have a mobile device in their hand.

Meaning they have the equipment and the connection but are not served by traditional financial infrastructure. World Mobile and SingularityNET are looking to bank the unbanked population across the globe. Their early targets would be low and middle-income countries.

Micky Watkins, the Chief Executive Officer of World Mobile, has said that their partnership with SingularityNET reflects their shared vision of delivering innovations that solve problems of the real world. Micky has added that they are empowering users with a smoother experience while enabling them to unlock possibilities that the mobile industry now possesses.

Janet Adams, the Chief Operating Officer of SingularityNET, has echoed a similar tone. Janet had additionally stated that the collaboration would help them secure funds for those traditional financial systems which were not served previously.

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