World Mobile Forms an Exclusive Partnership With Immunify.Life

World Mobile has formed an exclusive partnership with Immunify.Life, with the intention and aim of jointly improving and upgrading the overall healthcare system and also effectively working towards creating better means of linking up with the left-out and backward areas which are, more often than not, completely out of reach of most people. Both of these entities are known to deliver to the needy people better access in terms of cost-effective internet connectivity so that they are made more comfortable, and it becomes more convenient for them to search for related medical solutions to their many problems, and medical care of every sort, on the whole. 

In these matters, both World Mobile and Immunify.Life share the same vision and the need to make a total change in the present scenario. World Mobile, according to its understanding and data has observed that, at present, there are a staggering 3 billion people around the world, who have practically no access to any sort of medical assistance in times of need due to the high costs of internet services, and therefore are completely left in the lurch, and helpless. This bridge is now to be built by them collectively.   

To fulfill its goal, World Mobile is coming out with a unique and effective network, which is being created on the blockchain. On the other hand, Immunify.Life is busy with creating a blockchain-oriented ecosystem following the needs of the medical fraternity. This, in turn, will be in a position to offer more updated and accurate healthcare-related data, thus resulting in the overall improvement in terms of accessibility to the services that need it the most.

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