World Mobile Token Partners with Chainlink for Smoother Mobile Payments

World Mobile Token announces a technological partnership with Chainlink, the foremost decentralized oracle network in the industry. World Mobile successfully integrates Chainlink Price Feeds on Polygon as the first stage to provide accurate pricing for mobile payments. World Mobile also includes the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF), allowing randomness to be utilized as one of the weights in the procedure for picking Earth Nodes in communications as a service and other network services. World Mobile is also investigating the possibility of joining the Chainlink Network as a data provider.

The following Chainlink Price Feeds are included in the initial integration: ADA/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and TZN/USD.

Chainlink Price Feeds are a time-tested market data solution accessible for users in the whole blockchain sector. It is one of the reasons why World Mobile Token chose them. Indeed, Chainlink oracle networks assisted in helping to safeguard tens of billions of dollars in value across 1,200 smart contract connections.

World Mobile was formed with a lofty objective in mind: connecting everywhere while promoting economic liberty and dignity. Presently, there are around 4 billion people worldwide who are not connected to mobile networks because the traditional mobile network industry is in no plan to invest in reaching remote locations because there is no profit. This disinvestment will leave half of the world without access to the opportunities that a mobile network would provide.

Local business owners located in non-network areas can use the network to run low-cost nodes and bring their communities online while splitting the profits. Earth Node Operators globally contribute to the network, and they and their stakers are rewarded with WMT. This network is powered by the World Mobile Token, which is also utilized as a utility token in the sharing economy.

The firm needed access to new asset prices that were delivered on-chain immediately in a very dependable manner in order to help assure appropriate pricing for mobile payments on our network.

Chainlink offers multiple features in its service, including

Top Quality Data

Chainlink Price Feeds gather data from a variety of premium data aggregators, resulting in price data that is compiled from different exchanges and free of outliers and suspicious volumes.

Source Node Operators

Independent, Sybil-resistant oracle nodes managed by premier blockchain DevOps teams, data operators, and traditional organizations having a solid track record for uptime, even amid high gas prices and significant network congestion, protect Chainlink Price Feeds.

Decentralized Network

Chainlink Price Feeds get decentralized at oracle node and oracle network levels, resulting in robust defenses against downtime.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the finely conceptualized industry standard to create, access, and sell oracle services, which are required to run hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Smart contracts may connect to any external API and use safe off-chain computations to enable feature-rich apps thanks to Chainlink oracle networks.

About World Mobile Token

The World Mobile Token is the currency powering the World Mobile network and is currently the leading blockchain-based mobile network. The World Mobile Token is a Cardano native asset that serves as the utility token in the World Mobile Chain token economy. The World Mobile Chain is a decentralized telecommunications network with an aim to bring internet connectivity to half of the world’s population that is currently unconnected.

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