Worldcoin deactivated in Kenya

Worldcoin, which is an identity-based crypto project and the brainchild of Sam Altman, has been asked to halt its activities in Kenya. The drawback for the entity is the fact that it has been successful in registering hordes of customers. However, the government of Kenya is suspicious of the fact that the activities of the company entail the collecting of iris data. This was officially stated by the Ministry of the Interior of Kenya and seconded by the Minister, Kithure Kindiki. According to them, all activities related to the company will remain on hold until the ministry receives further clarification on the matter. For them, it is akin to putting the privacy of the people of Kenya at risk.

This indeed will prove to be a most unfortunate situation for Worldcoin as they had understood the fact that there was tremendous potential in Nairobi, which is the capital of the country. In December 2022, the company was able to successfully complete over one-fourth of a million registrations. It was also responsible for having installed 45 retina-scanning orbs.


Presently, Worldcoin is actively involved in furthering the production of orbs in order to be able to accommodate more people for the purpose of scanning. The technology is based on online identity authentication. People who get themselves registered come in for a section of the project’s WLD token, which is a cryptocurrency that was recently introduced. At the time of its introduction, Worldcoin had been instrumental in signing up over 2 million users in the global south. Incidentally, Worldcoin was developed by Tools for Humanity, a San Francisco-based startup.   

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