Worldcoin’s Spain prohibition prolonged until 2024

Worldcoin’s Proof-of-Humanity project will soon halt operations in Spain, and the German business organization entrusted with analyzing Worldcoin’s compliance with the European Union’s data protection rule is auditing the project. 

Sam Altman, the Chief Executive Officer of OpenAI, is the co-founder of Tools for Humanity, a key promoter of the Worldcoin project armed to showcase a system where individuals can prove their humanity. Humans creating digital identities are of huge importance to business organizations like Tools for Humanity.

Artificial intelligence actors or bots influence upcoming iterations of the internet, according to Tools for Humanity. Numerous regulatory agencies scrutinized the Worldcoin project in response to growing concerns about personal data protection. In March 2024, the French data protection agency requested that Worldcoin cease operations in Spain. They recently issued a statement outlining their stance on the continued suspension of Worldcoin operations. Tools for Humanity has ensured that Worldcoin takes the protection of people’s biometric data very seriously.

In order to prevent new signups from requesting the storage and encryption of biometric data, Worldcoin released “Personal Custody”. Individuals who have previously joined Worldcoin have the ability to remove their numeric ‘iris code’, and they have implemented a mechanism to prevent minors from signing up. The chief of Tools for Humanity’s legal wing said that technologies like World ID are required to differentiate between bots and humans. 

The Bavarian Authority, the European office of Worldcoin, will finalize its investigation in the coming weeks. Both the Worldcoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity have yet to comment on the most recent development. The Spanish federal court upheld Worldcoin’s prohibition and rejected the company’s appeal.

Worldcoin will halt operations until the Bavarian Data Protection Authority completes its investigation. Both the Spanish Data Protection Agency and the Bavarian Data Protection Authority have collaborated to implement further regulatory measures. 

The Spanish Data Protection Agency is an interested party in the General Data Protection Regulation mechanism. Scrutiny and controversy have always been a big part of Worldcoin, since its inception. Building a global identification system through iris scans was the first and foremost objective of Worldcoin. Worldcoin’s key drawbacks are privacy concerns and the misuse of biometric data.

Worldcoin brands blockchain technology as a method to ensure financial inclusion along with universal basic income. They are facing stiff regulatory hurdles in other countries, including Hong Kong and Kenya. The new directive will have a huge impact on Worldcoin’s operations in prominent European countries. The regulatory approval has established a new precedent for controlling groundbreaking technologies like biometric data in the European Union. 

Worldcoin is a blockchain-backed identity verification project, and the ban extension signals concerns about the project’s novelty. Portugal imposed restrictions on Worldcoin’s operations, and Worldcoin allows people to receive free WLD tokens. A series of privacy-related complaints from countries like France, Portugal, Spain, and Germany is a headache for Worldcoin.

Roxanne Williams

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