Worlds: Decentraland brings your own 3D space in Metaverse

Decentraland Foundation is extremely pleased and excited to deliver its very own Worlds. It happens to be a concept akin to one owning one’s very own 3D space in the Metaverse. It is not possible, incidentally, to either sell or trade Worlds. The entire aim and intention behind this concept are that all of the Decentraland citizens can create and build, carry out various experiments, and also indulge in hosting events catering to their fancy.

The highlighting feature, however, is that one can enjoy interactive sessions, all made possible even though one does not need to own the land. The features connected with the Worlds are created mainly to lessen the obstacles and hurdles in becoming a Decentraland creator. This aspect will now be instrumental in the overall enhancement and growing power of the Decentraland platform. 

The Decentralized Foundation’s Worlds is a concept based on personal 4 parcel-large spaces connected to Decentraland NAMEs which have separate positions and exist outside Decentraland’s Genesis City. Furthermore, the users have the huge creative freedom that allows them to design their Metaverse in their possible way. Additionally, Decentraland’s SDK for LAND parcels in Decentraland allows the users to check the number of people visiting their land.

This fresh feature is in beta, and anyone who owns a Decentraland NAME can easily access it. It is also possible to buy the LAND directly from a person who previously owned it in the existing marketplace. Once a person owns it, he will transform it in just about any way it takes his fancy. The fact remains that with the Worlds being positioned in beta, one can expect much more modifications in matters about parcels and megabytes. There can also be the provision of offering all connected users the opportunity to host their Worlds, connected to their own servers.

Trevor Holman

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