World’s First Blockchain-Powered Password Manager Software Launched, Created By DigiByte

Continuous innovation in the blockchain sector has given path-breaking results, which has resulted in increasing adoption levels. One such innovation is the new blockchain-powered password manager created using DigiByte blockchain, by AutumnID. 

Blockchain-based identification is a booming segment, which has witnessed a large number of small and big names fighting for their share in the market. Right from online browser Opera, to giants like Samsung and General motors. However, this is the first blockchain-based password manager based on this innovative tech. The new password manager is christened Digi-ID/AntumID DigiPassword Advanced.

The manager is already available for free download in Chrome, allowing users to access the websites by scanning a digital QR code generated. These QR codes are generated through user preferences, and as a website extension. The code thus generated via this extension can be used for multiple purposes, including making payments, login in securely, etc.

The DigiByte’s blockchain will make the new password manager more safe, while also assuring that the password fields for users are generated in a decentralized process. Sophisticated safety and trust-less functioning make it one of the most important developments in the crypto space in the recent past. 

DigiByte’s new platform is expected to play a major role in the Web3, or decentralized internet. Growing demand for control-free, decentralized internet is growing by the day, especially by those affected by fraudulent activities, and demand decentralized options. Also, having all passwords at one place, without the fear of security breach is a great plus for those who work on the go. 

DigiByte is a state-of-the-art blockchain technology which focuses on creating privacy-focused blockchain solutions for enterprise and public usage. Autumn ID, too, is DigiByte backed privacy identification solution, based out of Mechelen, Belgium.

Roxanne Williams

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