World’s First Ever TRX Market To Be Added by CoinTiger; Participate Now For TRX 1,000,000 and BTT 3,000,000

In an exciting development, the crypto users will be able to witness the world’s 1st ever TRX market that will be added by CoinTiger. It is slated to be added on 9th April when the clock strikes 16:00 hrs (UTC+8).

CoinTiger has also revealed more specific time, listed as follows, to enable smoother trading for users:

  1. Trading pairs of ETH/TRX, XRP/TRX, EOS/TRX, LTC/TRX, and BTT/TRX will be made available from 16:00 hours onwards (UTC+8) on 9th April 2019
  2. Trading pair of TRX/ETH will get delisted on 9th April at exactly 16:00 hrs (UTC+8)

In the meanwhile, TRON and CoinTiger have come together to host an exciting giveaway airdrop that consists of TRX tokens worth 1,000,000 and BTT tokens worth 3,000,000 for users.

Activity #1:

BTT 1,000,000 For Net Deposit


8th April 00:00 hrs – 18th April 24:00 hrs (UTC+8)


All the users with net deposits made during the period of activity, minus any withdrawals, exceeding TRX 1,000 will split the pool of BTT 1,000,000.

Activity #2:

TRX 1,000,000 and BTT 2,000,000 For the Trading Competition


9th April 16:00 hrs – 19th April 16:00 hrs (UTC+8)


800K will be shared by the topmost 50 traders + one million BTT on the basis of users’ own volume of trading against the leading 50 traders’ entire trading volume during the course of the competition. It includes buying and selling across trading pairs listed in the TRX market, excluding the wash trades.

Aside from the top 50, other users from top 51 will be sharing the prize worth TRX 200K and one million BTT.

To put it simply, the more your trading volume, the greater your rewards!

Additional Information:

Each of the users’ rewards in the topmost 50 equals to (Each user’s aggregate trading volume / topmost 50 users’ aggregate trading volume) * (TRX 800,000 + BTT 1,000,000)

Consider an example where you have 10 TRX as your trade volume and the leading 50 users’ trading volume adds up to 100 TRX. Then your rewards can be calculated as –

(10/100) * (TRX 800,000 + BTT 1,000,000) = TRX 80,000 + BTT 100,000

Important Tip:

Through the activity duration, if the latest trading pair gets listed on the TRX trade market, then its trading volume would be covered in the competition’s trading volume.


  • The authority to amend or cancel the promotion is reserved by CoinTiger at its sole discretion.
  • Trades that are considered as wash trades and/or showcase any signs of trade market manipulation, then CoinTiger has the right to mark those trades disqualified.
  • Once the competition marks an end, rewards would be issued to users within one week. Users can simply log in to their account, go to Account Center and have a look at their prize through their account balance.

Warning of Risk:

Investment in the cryptocurrency market is subjected to high risk. Make sure to carry out your crypto investments cautiously. Although, CoinTiger will try its best to select greater-quality coins, however, it won’t be responsible in any way for the investment losses suffered by you.

CoinTiger – Brief Profile:

CoinTiger, a global exchange platform for digital assets, offers trading services for multiple cryptos. It supports multiple languages for the blockchain technology enthusiasts across the world. At present, it has a user base that exceeds 1.8 million and comes from 40+ countries as well as regions such as Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia.

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