Wormhole Gateway: Empowering Cosmos Interchain Liquidity

Wormhole, a pioneering blockchain application powered by the Cosmos SDK, is pleased to introduce the Wormhole Gateway, an application-specific blockchain designed to increase access and liquidity within the Cosmos ecosystem. At the same time, it enhances the security and sovereignty of Wormhole. Gateway was meticulously crafted to improve the overall developer experience within the Cosmos community, using the Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm to ensure seamless composability. Notably, it eliminates the need for additional bridging fees, allowing for the smooth transfer of fungible assets via the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

The primary aim of the Wormhole Gateway is to enhance transparency and transaction security on its public ledger. Through its integration with IBC, it connects all of Wormhole’s 23+ connected blockchains across six runtimes to the Cosmos ecosystem via a simple IBC integration. This integration facilitates bridging funds to any Cosmos appchain without incurring any additional bridging fees.

A key feature of the Gateway is its support for fungible assets, which are made possible through the innovative packet forward middleware developed by Strangelove. Moreover, Gateway leverages IBC Hooks to seamlessly integrate with CosmWasm contracts, providing an efficient and secure transaction experience.

Gateway’s utility extends to two main user groups within the Cosmos ecosystem:-

  • Cosmos developers seek to effortlessly onboard users and liquidity from other ecosystems such as Ethereum and Solana.
  • Users who wish to bridge their assets to or from the Cosmos ecosystem, ensuring smooth and secure asset transfer.

Among the first appchains to be integrated with Wormhole Gateway is Osmosis, a leading player in the Cosmos ecosystem, which excels in IBC activity, volume, and DeFi space.

For more detailed information about Wormhole Gateway and its functionalities, readers can refer to the official blog post on the Wormhole website.

Developers interested in building with Gateway can follow these straightforward steps to get started:-

  • Connect with Wormhole contributors to explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Submit a Wormhole governance proposal to add your chain to the Gateway ecosystem.
  • Once approved, your chain can begin relaying transactions seamlessly through the Gateway.

The introduction of Wormhole Gateway represents a major milestone in developing the Cosmos ecosystem, as it offers increased liquidity, security, and accessibility. As Wormhole continues constructing bridges between various blockchain ecosystems, Gateway is at the forefront of innovation and interchain communication within the Cosmos ecosystem.

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