WSPD & DigiFT team up for innovative Web3 payments

DigiFT has recently signed a remarkable partnership with WSPN, a globally recognized company in the digital payment business. This is the world’s first regulated exchange that is exclusively involved in the trade of real-world assets that are registered on blockchain technology, which is commonly referred to as RWA. DigiFT is authorized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for its Capital Markets Services license. The collaboration is likely to significantly increase the use of stablecoins and create new opportunities for Web3 payment and investment systems across the globe.

As part of this partnership, DigiFT’s trading platform will integrate WSPN’s Worldwide USD (WUSD), which is a stablecoin backed by the US dollar. DigiFT is also recognized as the first regulated exchange for on-chain RWA (Real World Assets). The introduction of WUSD to their platform will likely increase user convenience and provide the WUSD ecosystem with compliant investment opportunities.

The founder of WSPN expressed excitement about the partnership by saying: “We are thrilled with this new opportunity. Teaming with DigiFT will allow us to further our mission encompassing stablecoin technology and innovative investment products. Using DigiFT’s platform that is compliant and regulated enhances the security, reliability, and efficiency of decentralized digital payments and also provides global access to reliable investment opportunities”.

This announcement comes against the backdrop of a string of achievements that WSPN has attained in the recent past. These include WUSD expanding to 10 more exchanges, as well as the integration of popular blockchain platforms like Solana and BSC and partnerships with leading blockchain wallets. Thus, the high results have been achieved in increasing the availability and circulation of WUSD.

The CEO and founder of DigiFT, Henry Zhang, expressed his views on the partnership by saying that the company’s purpose at DigiFT has been to bring together the fragmented and illiquid space that characterizes traditional finance. He showed a positive attitude towards WSPN, a firm that is focused on creating a more integrated and efficient financial space on blockchain. These collaborations are likely to enhance the generation of relevant ideas and enable the involvement of tangible assets in payment services.

DigiFT, which specializes in innovative solutions, has unveiled a fresh approach to creating depositary receipts (DR) tokens. These tokens enable investors to own parts of the securities from capital markets. With WSPN as its partner, DigiFT will allocate some of the reserves for RWA tokens and employ the DR model to improve efficiency, security, and asset tracking.

WSPD is a prominent provider of digital payment solutions for the international market based on Distributed Ledger Technology. Among their significant offerings is WUSD, a stablecoin that aims to transform the approach to digital money in the global economy. By incorporating a revolutionary DLT solution, it aims to offer users from across the globe transparent, quick, and efficient payment transactions.


Launched in the year 2021, DigiFT has carved a niche for itself as the world’s first and only on-chain trading platform for the Real World Assets (RWA), which is integrated with the Automated Market Maker. It operates under the Capital Markets Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), which recognizes it as compliant and innovative in the evolving Fintech space.

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