Wyre integrates with the SKALE ecosystem

The leading infrastructure crypto provider Wyre, announces its integration with SKALE labs, a multichain Ethereum native network with zero gas fees. Wyre offers SKALE builders an array of plug-and-play tools to utilize various crypto payment solutions. The integration allows the SKALE ecosystem and builders to begin payment access through Wyre.

Using Wyre’s API, customers can buy crypto assets with fiat currency instantly, whereas Skale is the first blockchain network fully optimized for Web3 user experience throughout the crypto-fiat payment methods. SKALE’s expanding ecosystem requires structured and effective purchasing services for SKALE Lab’s builders. SKALE and Wyre are joining forces to bring Wyre’s custodial crypto wallet solution and fiat ramps to allow Web2 users to interact with SKALE’s zero-fee, high-speed Web3 foundation.

Jamal Raees, Director of Crypto Strategy at Wyre, said that they were excited to launch their integration with SKALE Labs providing their Crypto Infrastructure to one of the most thrilling chains in the ecosystem with zero gas fees, linear scalability, and fully open-sourced.

Jack O’Holleran, CEO and Co-founder of SKALE, said that the integration of SKALE and Wyre was a critical step towards blockchain as Web2 users, without the needed technical knowledge, can safely and easily convert fiat to crypto. Additionally, the users can seamlessly interact with Web3 applications. However, Wyre payment infrastructure has continued to support similar networks to SKALE Labs, solutions to remove common roadblocks and frictional points in Web3 building.

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