X-Hive Announces Beta Launch of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform and Desktop Wallet App

Recently, X-Hive announced the beta launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform and desktop wallet app. Where there are very few crypto companies offering an exchange platform with most cryptocurrency pairs to trade in, X-Hive has taken a big step. It has decided to add to the list many cryptocurrency pairs and provide an exchange platform that will not only be the fastest in the entire globe but will also allow users to trade in most of the cryptocurrency pairs.

This news was indeed a good one for crypto enthusiasts all over the world. The best crypto exchange platform and desktop wallet app focus on providing a secure and better environment for its crypto traders.

This X-Hive’s new app is developed on the Bexam network. This network is not only assisting the app with a favorable environment to manage and govern high-frequency transactions but is also capable of taking care of around forty million TPS. This exchange platform and desktop wallet app by X-Hive are available for both Mac and Windows, and you will be able to download this app on x-hive.io. Although, to find more information about the crypto wallets in detail, you can read more here.

On top of that, the company strives to provide one of the best customer support by being available for their customers 24X7 for 365 days a year. Being a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, they also want to solve the drawbacks with high-speed transactions, scalability, and best customer support. X-Hive believes in providing the best environment as an exchange platform and desktop wallet app.

For the initial beta version of the X-Hive exchange platform and desktop wallet app only Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH) will be available for the users. Any user with X-Hive account details and password will only have to log in the application, and the app will be ready to use. Users will be able to trade in any of these four cryptocurrencies in the initial version, and gradually X-Hive will include almost every cryptocurrency pair possible.

Here are the two ways of exchanging X-Hive

Basic mode –

The primary method will offer simple facilities to the users. It allows users to deposit, withdraw, sell and purchase cryptocurrency merely. It is suitable for a user who wants to trade quickly and immediately.

Advanced mode-

It is built for professional traders who analyze and review the market 24 hours a day. The CEO of X-Hive Chika Ota stated.

Our new generation crypto exchange platform feels nothing like a decentralized exchange. It’s THAT good. We invite all cryptonians to trade on our Beta version to know what we are all about.

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