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XP Tournament begins at ZED RUN

XP Tournament begins at ZED RUN

XP Tournament has made its way to ZED RUN for the first time. It is hosted by Danshan starting April 24, 2023. The week-long event will conclude on April 30, 2023. Per the estimates shared by the ZED RUN Community, more than 4,100 entries have participated at the mere entry fee of $1. However, the prize pool is pretty massive.

ZED RUN is a popular blockchain-based startup. In this Blockchain-based game, each horse is represented by the NFTs. As per the zed run guide, Zed Run’s objective is to get the ownership of digital horses and earn money. However, the XP Tournaments have arrived at the Zed Run for the first time. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to start three tournaments on Monday (UTC).

Race Horses participating in the tournament range from Class 1 Sprinters to Class 5 Marathoners. They all have an equal chance to claim a fair share of the prize pool. Rewards won by the winning race are XP boosts that supercharge their level-up efforts.

The hosts re-introduced the Pity Point scoring system, awarding the maximum points to the horse that finishes at the 4th position throughout the qualification round. 

A total of 16 tournaments are lined up, of which 15 are open to all shapes and sizes. The aim is to bring new dimensions to its racing ecosystem.

Simultaneously, Chateaux Gaming has addressed all the stables irrespective of their experiences – beginners and experts. The stream was informative in nature to answer every important question related to the analysis of a horse or what kind of breeding strategy should be adopted.

The breeding strategy requires owners to have at least a stable, a male horse, and a female horse. These are unique in nature and are represented in the form of a non-fungible token. Most importantly, players must have sufficient wETH in their wallet to mint a new horse through breeding.

ZED RUN has shed some light on the achievements the community has registered to its name recently. For instance, DinoShark Stables has reached the milestone of 5k wins and is now on a path to more wins. Similarly, Eureka Stables has achieved the winning milestone of 2k on the racetrack this week.

Virtually Human Studio, also known as VHS, is a team behind ZED RUN, the blockchain-based game where players own a stable and get racehorses ready for the win. They can expand their base through breeding strategies, provided they have a set of male and female horses. The ultimate prize is money, with horses available for sale and purchase.

Stable owners can advertise at OpenSea and Hawku for their ZED horse. Another player interested in buying their horse will approach them to agree on a reasonable price. Five classes start with Class 1 being the top-rated class and end with Class 5 being the lowest-rated class.

Sit n’ Go Tournament is sponsored by ZLead for a huge prize pool that is available for just $1. XP Tournament at ZED RUN begins on April 24, 2023, and ends on April 30, 2023.

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