IOST Foundation Goes into Partner With XPET

IOST Foundation has officially announced its partnership with the XPET world. XPET World will launch in June on the IOST mainnet bringing a unique crypto game for IOST community users.

XPet is a pet strategy EOS fighting game. XPet pets can store value, value extraction, and value collection.

The Game Play:

XPET World is an encrypted pet strategy game that uses the underlying blockchain technology. The game includes adorable animals, each unique in its shape and gene, who live on six continents throughout 201 territories. In XPET World, players can raise their livestock levels by completing tasks with different equipment and weapons in the dungeons and improved overall fight efficiency.

The players play the Lord in the game, and by updating buildings and expanding the military, they can enhance their territorial defenses. In an open market, players can freely buy and sell animals, equipment, and lands.

The Crypto Part:

The game can be experienced by all the users listed on the IOST community.

IOST is a highly-rapid, decentralized blockchain network based on Proof of Believability next-generation consensus algorithm. Driven by a team of proven founders and supported by leading world investors, our mission is to be the underlying online services architecture that responds to the safety and scalability demands of a decentralized economy.

IOST aims to substantially disrupt previous business methods by creating a trust-free, self-operating network that maximizes network value for everyone. We are calling into question the systems we have faced, aiming to create an unfailing model at the expense of the masses.

Exploring cross-chain technology is active at XPET. It enables players in multiple public chains to share their profits and assets through a single server module that increases connectivity and fluidity between different chains and promotes IOST ecosystem development.

One of the significant advantages of a partnership like this is that the game assets are authentic. Based on decentralized technology, game assets can flow efficiently across the blockchain network, which in traditional online games cannot be imagined and also the greatest value from blockchain technology.

Scott Cook

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