XR Web Announces Its First Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

In the last few years, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has emerged as a popular way to launch a cryptocurrency. The special convenience IEO provides to the exchange buyers is the special price that one can have while purchasing the project tokens and then selling the same tokens at higher prices once the project is listed on the platform. The new member to join the list of IEO is the Alterdice which has announced its association with the XR Web to come up with its first IEO. As a result of this new IEO, community members of Alterdice can participate in the company’s IEO while availing some of the exclusive benefits, including discounted price, purchase preferences, etc. The community can also support the new blockchain projects through participation in the IEO.

IEO and ticker XR

The ticker XR (project token of XR WEB) can be utilized by the investors in two different manners: 1) to access the dapps of XR, and 2) to claim a stake on XR Web according to the geographical locations. According to the news, XR Web is working hard to build central infrastructural support on which the various dapps related to different categories like gaming, real estate, retail insurance, advertising, and social media can be developed. The pricing details related to IEO are as follows:

1) The round one price will be around USD 0.075 which is actually 50% of the original price (USD 0.15) as users of the Alterdice get the discount

2) The total number of XR tokens available for the round 1 would be around 1,500,000 XR

3) The sales will start on the 9th of July from 12 p.m. GMT onwards and end on the 12th of July at 12:00 a.m. GMT

4) The limit for the minimum contribution per person in terms of XR tokens has been decided at 1500

Alterdice and XR Web

For your information, Alterdice is a platform on which the trading of cryptocurrencies is being done. Its functioning is similar to any other exchange platform and investors can make a profit here by buying at a low price and selling at a higher price. The platform is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service and its continuous effort to refine and re-define aspects of digital transactions is something that is keeping it ahead of the rivals. With the help of its in-depth analysis and graphical representation of the data, this digital trading platform provides the much-needed information to the investors to help them in making the right kind of trading move.

XR Web, on the other hand, is a kind of virtual world which is powered by a blockchain system from ethereum and interplanetary file system (IPFS). The project has its own currency, which is called XR Token and the currency can be used to accomplish a variety of tasks on the XR Web, including carrying out the transaction among others. A variety of applications ranging from games, social media to shopping can be produced on this 3D platform.

Roxanne Williams

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