XRP Comes With a New Product – XRBP

Since long, XRP producers and the community of XRP users/followers have been making efforts to give more value to XRP currency rather than just being another altcoin. They want it to be the future of the way people would be defining the word money. And keeping this objective in mind, the producers of XRP have been updating the XRP consistently.

With this news in the market, the XRP community has a chance to celebrate and hope even a better future for the XRP coins. Dev Null Productions has recently made an important announcement which would excite every XRP user. The company is introducing a brand new product for the Ripple network named XRBP. This news announced on the Twitter handle of the company. The company has launched this new product to boost XRP adoption in the market and make it more interactive.

In the market, it is believed that a cryptocurrency cannot become popular if it is not easy to deal with. And Dev Null Production kept the exact thing in mind before producing XRBP. XRBP would be acting as a doorway through which the users can access the XRP Ledger effortlessly.

The new product would allow smooth interaction and connection with the Ripple Server. Here developers would be able to modify the data of the XRP ledger. One can call XRBP as a block explorer which enables editing in the data of the blockchain ledger.

This new product will be complimenting all the Rippled servers.

The company stated in its official statement that it would offer users with a huge archive of assets that enable the smoother access to the XRBP ledger. Developers would be allowed to read and write the data in real-time. The network will be syncing all these processes with accounts and transactions, consistently in a flow.

The product will be complimenting XRP Ruby. XRP Ruby would hold its own XRBP library to make and maintain the platform’s interchangeability and customizability. The producer of XRBP, Dev Null Productions believes in innovation and customization, and hence it has included multiple plug-ins in the product which can be used any way the user wants.

These plug-ins would allow users to perform many new operations/activities such as registering custom data parsers. This would enable the user to transform the received data, perform automatic timeouts to reestablish them.

XRP community and the market has accepted this launch very well. Social media sites are flooding with posts congratulating the company for the new product. XRBP developers used this opportunity to interact with XRP users on Twitter and assured them about the XRP ledger and its offerings.

Roxanne Williams

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