Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (DOGE), and (SNW) Dead Set to Breach the $1 Mark?

Almost every crypto investor who missed the big train that was bitcoin keeps searching for the next big break that can turn them into a crypto millionaire. The trick is to find a crypto token early in its growth trajectory and latch onto it for the bumpy ride. And yes, you can bet your top dollar that it will be a bumpy ride. That’s the only certain thing about the crypto markets. But there’s a caveat. If you get onboard too early, you risk dying on a garage crypto project. 

So, how do you find the right crypto to get on board?

Well, for some (not all) cryptos, the $1 price mark is a huge milestone. That can be a safe entry point for most crypto investors, and three major cryptos are poised to breach this milestone in the coming months.


Ripple is an interesting cryptocurrency. It is closely tied to the world economy and is highly influenced by the financial markets. Improvements in manufacturing indices, stock market growths, and such events have a huge bearing on Ripple’s performance like it’s happening now. This past week, positive signals from the industry have pushed XRP’s prices by over 15%. As the world escapes from temporary inflation and embarks on a new growth phase, Ripple will break out of its sideways trends.

In addition, Ripple has had a good month so far. It is currently entangled in a long battle with the SEC in the U.S. court but had a minor win in its case. This minor win sent its prices up by over 11%. In fact, Ripple has had several of these minor wins over the past few months, together hinting at a possible win against the SEC. If and when that happens, Ripple will take off big time.


Dogecoin’s fate appears to be irrevocably tied to Elon Musk’s comments (read as trolls) on it. When Elon announced that Tesla would be accepting Dogecoin as payment, the move set Dogecoin’s price on an upward spiral. When those plans were shelved, Dogecoin’s prices tumbled down. Even recently, his move to acquire Twitter sent Dogecoin on a climb. That kind of dependence on one person’s cult-like personality is not good for any crypto. Dogecoin’s promoters know this. That’s why they are in the process of adding new utilities and new real-world use cases for this crypto. 

Dogecoin is already on the path to replacing even the de facto leaders like bitcoin and Ethereum as the currency of choice for crypto users. Unlike these two coins, Dogecoin comes in an unlimited supply. So, it’s largely stable and not heavily subjected to speculative price changes. Adding new utilities will bring a new wave of stability to Dogecoin, and it will soon be on its path to breaching the $1 mark. (SNW)

For the past few months, (SNW) has waded through choppy waters owing to an uncertain future as a new altcoin. However, allayed the fears of new investors by adding new blockchains to its interoperability bridge in quick succession. 


While this move should have calmed down the investor jitters, it has not translated into a price appreciation for SNW. So, th e current price of does not reflect its true potential. It’s unclear whether adding new blockchains to Snowfall’s ecosystem will change this. Still, when the investor interest finally overcomes its fears, (SNW) will easily breach the $1.00 ceiling.

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